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10 Ford Mustang Modification Ideas

Are you looking for excellent ford mustang modification ideas to make your car stand out? Well, there are countless ideas to help your car beat other Mustangs on the roads, not just in appearance but also in performance.

While there are many mods and upgrades you can try, there are some unique ideas only a Ford Mustang can pull off. So if you’re not careful when selecting your mods, you may end up with designs that tarnish your sports car.

To help you give your Ford Mustang a unique look, better handling, and increased power for superior performance, here are ten modification ideas that augment a Ford Mustang.

1. Mustang Cold Air Intake Kits

Want more power for your Ford Mustang 1967 Shelby GT 500? Installing cold air intake is an easy modification for horsepower gain. Essentially, cold air intake kits relocate the air filter outside the engine compartment to allow it to suck cooler air for combustion.

Cool air has more oxygen and, therefore, more combustion and produces more power. According to most manufacturers, these kits will give you between 5 to 30 hp boost on your Ford Mustang.

2. Ford Mustang Rear End Gears

If you love speed, then Mustang rear end gears are a must-have. The rear end gears include the ring and pinion gears that are situated at the rear differential. When installed in the correct gear ratio, these two can increase torque which affects acceleration.

While ring and pinion are inexpensive and enable faster acceleration, they are hard to install. You may need an experienced mechanic with special tools to perform this modification.

3. Sport Shocks

We all love to make our Ford Mustang sportier, but that can take away the comfort of your ride when not done correctly. Sport shocks are significant modifications you can make to provide a smooth ride. They absorb the energy created by driving on rough terrain, reducing the impact of speed bumps and rough roads.

4. LED Grille Lights

Installing grille lights is common among older Mustangs, but its ease of customization with the latest Ford Mustangs styles makes it a spectacular addition. A great example is synchronizing the LED lights with other light installations, which provides a sight to behold.

Besides the aesthetic value of your motor, LED Grille Lights also add functional value. The LED lights are easy to spot, providing better visibility for oncoming traffic, especially on poorly lit roads.

5. Mustang Nitrous Kits

You’ll love this addition because of the freedom it gives to increase horsepower with a push of a button. What makes it even more interesting is that you can determine how much power you inject into your Ford Mustang. For instance, you can increase the capacity by an extra 75 or even 150. How interesting can it get than that for Mustang owners?

But how exactly do these Mustang Nitrous Kits works? The kit injects nitrous into the engine, which separates to form oxygen and nitrogen from the resulting heat. The oxygen then mixes with fuel to produce power.

Depending on what you want, Mustang nitrous kits come in two forms; dry and wet kits. Dry nitrous kits are easy to install, cheap, and produce less power. On the other hand, wet kits are costly, require expertise to install and provide more power and stability.

6. Neon Colors

Neon Colors are not meant for every car, but it gives a fantastic look when added to your Ford Mustang. They look even better in the dark, illuminating the area around and catching the eyes of onlookers from far.

It becomes spectacular when customized by an expert. You can fit it to the rims, at the rear as well as the front of your Ford Mustang.

7. Lowering Springs

If you’d like to make your Ford Mustang look sportier, provide better handling, and give you more road feel and improved traction, you should try lowering springs. These are a cheaper option to lower your car compared to coil-overs.

8. Mustang Wheels

Nothing makes a Ford Mustang more stylish than a set of great wheel combinations. With the advent of new tire technology, you’re almost assured of getting your ideal style at a great price. Whether you’re an enthusiast of modern and exotic styles or classic looks, be assured of a wheel combination that will make your car stand out.

Mustang wheels are not all about style. For a powerful drive like Ford Mustang, all-terrain Mustang wheels also give you performance improvement. For instance, if you select wider wheels and tires, you’ll get more traction to allow for balanced cornering. Light wheels, on the other hand, will give you better handling.

9. Roush Rear Spoilers

Spoilers are significant upgrades to your Mustang, but a stylish Roush rear spoiler makes it conspicuous. Roush never disappoints; they give quality accessories, as evidenced in these Mustang rear spoilers.

The spoiler oozes style with an appropriately–crafted high octane design and a low rise that complements the Ford Mustang’s curved fastback. This shape provides stability and proper airflow at all speeds. Besides, it does not obscure visibility, which ensures maximum safety when driving.

10. Bolt-on Supercharger

If you’re a power enthusiast, one Mustang modification you might consider is transforming a normally aspirated engine into a turbo or supercharger.

This is a reasonably complex task for most cars but a straightforward process of adding power to the Ford Mustang. Supercharges for Mustang can easily bolt-on, provided you follow the required steps.


There are many modifications out there that can improve your Ford Mustang significantly. These ideas are, however, a great starting point to give you good value for your money. You only need to choose what will augment your Ford Mustang and fit your unique style. Before anything else, you want something that will be attractive to your eyes and provide a comfortable ride.

Once you’ve selected a particular style, get someone experienced to make the modifications. Sometimes it only takes a novice mechanic to have a good idea botched.

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