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3 Reasons To Sell A House With YouTube

Previews of videos published on Youtube are often integrated directly into the articles. In this way, the user can limit himself to reading the text, looking at the video or clicking on the link to the Youtube page and exploring the channel and related videos. Sites dedicated to the real estate sector are no exception: those who want to sell a house and conclude the sale successfully must undoubtedly consider making a movie.

Most announcements are accompanied exclusively by photos of the property: the images are considered indispensable, and the announcements without photographs are rejected a priori. Conversely, videos represent an added value that can be exploited to make a difference and establish oneself over one’s competitors. In other words, publishing a video on Youtube or other specialized portals means having one more possibility of concluding the negotiation simpler and faster.

Videos acquire even greater importance when you want to sell your house to foreigners. People who live abroad obviously need the opportunity to visit the property. However, potential buyers may need more than images that often provide a static or incomplete representation of reality. On the contrary, filming the exterior and interior of your apartment means accompanying the user through a virtual visit. By showing the apartment in all its facets, the owner increases his chances and sells the house faster.

Why Use Video To Sell Your Home?

Videos, like images, are an extremely effective means of communication. Regarding the real estate sector, statistics show that advertisements with photographs and images receive many more visits from those lacking them. For example, the photo of a bright and welcoming living room captures the user’s attention much more than a simple description. These are even more valid regarding video: a film is a direct and complete representation of what you want to show. Through filming, it is possible to focus attention on countless aspects and adopt any point of view.

Therefore, the possibilities of arousing interest in the user increase significantly compared to what happens with textual descriptions and simple images. This is demonstrated by the average visit time of the pages, which increases significantly when the ads contain a video. The greater the visit time corresponds to better positioning in the Google ranking; this means the ad is more likely to be seen by users. In any case, the difficulty in making the videos must be considered; if most people can take good quality photos, only some can create movies to publish on the web.

The video must enhance the apartment and highlight the most interesting aspects. Otherwise, inserting a video within the ad could be counterproductive. In any case, property owners can refer to a professional to create this content. In addition to creating a representative film, it is essential to carry out good editing to combine the best shots. There are several precautions to follow to obtain good results; all these small details can be decisive for the success or otherwise of the real estate ad itself. In conclusion, a video made by a professional multiplies visits and, consequently, contacts with potential buyers.

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The Importance Of Videos To Sell A House To Foreigners

Filmmaking becomes extremely important when targeting an international audience. Anyone who wants to sell a house to foreigners must consider that users rarely have the opportunity to visit the apartment. A video, therefore, can help overcome mistrust, showing aspects that cannot be represented either with a textual description or images. In this way, a buyer who lives on the other side of the world can have a complete overview of the property and make a more reasoned and informed choice.

For this purpose, it is essential to assume the point of view of the potential buyer to use the video to clarify all doubts. The camera gives the user a perspective on the property and moves up and down and left to right to capture every corner of the house. In this way, whoever views the ad can make a real visit, albeit at a distance. In this regard, we must remember that many buyers tend to give up on the negotiation precisely because they do not have the opportunity to go to the site in person. The purchase of a property that has not been visited, in fact, undoubtedly represents a gamble that only some feel like taking.

A Chinese customer or an American, for example, should rely exclusively on the impression given by the advertisement, risking being extremely disappointed once they arrive in Italy. Thanks to the videos, on the other hand, the probability of choosing a property that does not live up to expectations is significantly reduced. For this reason, those intending to sell a house to foreigners should always evaluate the possibility of making a video to integrate their ad.

How To Make A Video To Sell A House

Making a home-selling video can be a daunting challenge or a piece of cake. Regardless of ability and artistic talent, everyone should learn how to create a video to complete the real estate announcement. The first aspect to consider is the length which, as a rule, must not exceed 3 minutes. It is essential that the video is not too boring and that the user does not leave the page before having finished viewing it.

The film must be a real virtual journey inside and possibly outside the apartment. It is necessary to film every environment, from the most important to the secondary ones, focusing on the main rooms. Camera movement should be smooth and continuous and focus on the most effective shots, assuming the right point of view. Attention must also be paid to the light and other aspects, such as the soundtrack: the background music, in particular, must be soft and personalized based on the characteristics of the property shown.

The more experienced can also add a voice-over to describe the environment and its strengths. Whether it’s a villa with a garden or a small apartment in a condominium, it is essential to adopt all the strategies that allow the context to be highlighted. Great success is achieved by 360° videos that reproduce the perspective of the human gaze; in this case, it is essential to use a series of cameras in the various rooms of the house and then assemble all the images to create a single video.

As far as 360° videos are concerned, in most cases, we refer to companies that specialize in the sector and can transform a simple video into a real visit. The video, at this point, can be published on Youtube, integrated within the advertisement or used for other purposes. One last aspect not to be underestimated concerns the movie’s name, which must contain the keywords to be inserted in the Google SERP. Users do not view an excellent-quality video if it does not reach an adequate positioning.

Therefore, anyone who decides to complete the announcement with a video must also keep this aspect of fundamental importance in mind. In conclusion, an analysis of real estate ads in the form of videos allows us to state that Youtube helps to sell a house faster. At the same time, it should be emphasized that videos can offer great support to property owners who want to reach a large audience and, above all, refer to an international clientele.

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