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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Social Media Manager

In many present-day companies, social media plays a crucial role in marketing strategy. Businesses can increase their market reach to include even international customers on the internet. Social media also helps to get customer feedback, build customer loyalty, reduce marketing costs and make it easier to conduct market research. Considering the importance of social media to business success, it is no longer enough to have just anyone update your business pages in their own free time. Social media management is a hands-on job that needs to be assigned an expert who’ll focus on the job 24/7 and here is why.

1. Engagement is Everything

Social media engagement is important to the success of every social media campaign. Engagement simply describes such actions as liking, sharing, and commenting on content posted on a social media page. According to BANG!, a Phoenix SEO Agency, “engagement is a tool for measuring social media performance. If no one engages with your content on social media, it could be translated to mean that your social media content has not successfully reached anyone.”

In other to increase engagement, there has to be a constant 2-way conversation between a business and its audience. This means that your company’s social media page must always be manned by someone who is ever-present and ready to respond to current and prospective customers. If a customer inquires on social media, ideally, they should receive a response no later than an hour after. Responding to customer concerns and queries gives the impression of a brand that cares about its clients. This would be pretty difficult to achieve if the business does not have a dedicated social media manager.

Having a manager who actively engages customers could also help with reputation management. Suppose a client has a bad experience and complains about it online. In that case, the situation is less likely to get out of hand if a manager jumps on the problem immediately and pacifies the aggrieved client as opposed to waiting until the problem goes viral. Taking feedback seriously and responding immediately is a great way to portray that your brand respects its clients.

2. Social Media Managers Would Bring New Ideas

In today’s competitive business world, your business needs a daily dose of fresh ideas to survive on social media. This is because social media today is filled with all kinds of educating, entertaining, and innovative content. You have to compete for attention by constantly coming up with fresh ideas, or else you’ll lose your clients and potential clients to people who have mastered the art of grabbing attention on social media.

This means that the person whose job is to manage your social media page does not need to be saddled with the responsibility of overseeing other business areas. The days are gone when the salesperson also doubled as the social media manager.

A good social media manager also has to have a wealth of experience in social media. They know ahead of time what works and what won’t work on social media so that you don’t waste resources on failed campaigns. They also know the kind of content not to post on social media because businesses have been getting in trouble for posting inappropriate content on the internet for decades. Social media managers come equipped with fresh innovative ideas to build up your business in creative ways, giving your business an edge in today’s super competitive social media market.

3. Social Media is Always Changing

Not only are social media algorithms constantly changing, every day, there are new trends and updates on every platform, and your business needs someone who can stay abreast of all these changes.

Additionally, when new platforms are introduced, a social media manager will determine the best strategy to use on each medium to get the most out of every platform. A social media manager can monitor your corporate social media marketing campaigns so that they can take charge if there’s a need to make any changes in the campaign strategy to ensure that the goals of every marketing campaign are continually met.

4. You need to Grow Your Online Audience

Marketing statistics show that about 93% of shoppers will read online reviews before making a purchase. This implies that many of your customers are online, and you must keep in touch with them to remain in business. Growing your social media audience ensures you have your customers exactly where you want them.

If you fail to grow your online audience, there’s a chance that your competitors might outshine you in this regard. Your credibility grows if you can get your online audience to love you and become ambassadors of your service or product. As your audience grows, your brand grows. A social media manager knows all there is to know about increasing your online presence.

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