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5 Common Mistakes Buyers Make When Buying A Smartphone And How To Avoid Them

Technology, in recent years, has managed to revolutionise the relationship between a human and a phone. A smartphone is a necessity without which you may feel incapable of performing most of your daily activities. Every aspect of your life has been influenced by the smartphone either indirectly or directly. Hence, models like the Huawei P Smart 2019 offer advanced features and functionalities to aid you in several ways.

Since smartphones are available in varied options, catering to each individual’s likes, dislikes, and budget requirements, there is an undocumented competition among people for owning the best one. In the competitive world, you often focus on what others are doing rather than thinking rationally. Invariably, people make mistakes and end up buying a smartphone that is not up to the mark. In some cases, they end up purchasing a smartphone at an unreasonable price point. Here are the five common mistakes that buyers make while buying a smartphone –

Buying the Device Because of its Popularity

You may get influenced by popular opinions and actions around you, and this influence will also affect your phone buying decisions. A large chunk of the population simply buys a particular smartphone model because it is recommended by their friends, colleagues, bosses, celebrities, etc.

As a result, you will buy the smartphone due to its popularity rather than carrying out your research and analysis about its specific features. Experts always advise that you purchase a smartphone that suits your basic requirements (texting, calling, and emailing) and application needs while adhering to your budget restrictions. By encouraging a rational and practical thought-process, you shall see yourself being less attracted to the ‘popular-parade’ and buy a device like the Huawei P Smart 2019 that adds more value to your lifestyle.

Rushing to Buy the Phone at Any Cost

You may have been rushing to buy a smartphone that you chose without waiting for the next model to release. It is by far the commonest mistake that every smartphone buyer commits at least once in their lifetime. By purchasing the latest model without waiting for the next one to release, you pay a hefty amount.

Soon, when the next model releases, the prices of the one you bought shall decrease drastically. Smart customers across the globe use this tactic to save money while purchasing a phone of their choice. In simple terms, you must always wait for the next model to arrive so that prices go down. You should also never worry that your chosen phone shall become obsolete in the eyes of the public.

Confusing Hardware Specifications with Performance

A common misconception runs among customers that a smartphone’s performance is entirely dependent on its hardware specifications. Hence, the two terms are used interchangeably. Believing this misconception is another mistake that buyers commit.

The truth that you must know is that a Smartphone’s performance depends on a multitude of factors besides its hardware specifications. These factors include the operating system, management of memory, and power of the hardware. Rather than believing the numbers written in the product’s description, perform thorough research online. You can also read reliable reviews on the internet to understand the actual efficiency of your chosen smartphone.

Getting Fooled by Pixel Density

Any smartphone’s display quality can never be determined using numbers that manufacturers tend to show on paper. Hence, if you ever come across terms like ‘pixel density’ or ‘pixels per inch (PPI)’, never interpret them as the screen’s quality. This is, again, a common mistake that most buyers tend to commit. Instead of focusing on these terms, you can compare the quality by remembering the thumb rule:

  1. OLED,
  2. IPS LCD,
  3. Common or conventional LCDs

Ignoring Warranty and Service

Most buyers are in a rush to make a purchase and hence, don’t bother about the long-term repercussion. They end up purchasing smartphones without any warranty or repair services in case of damage.

Rather than getting mesmerised by the fancy phone screen or descriptions, look for local repair shops that can repair your smartphone in case of damage. You may also choose to look online for helpful and reliable reviews about the phone model you selected.

Smartphones have taken the world by storm through the increasing features and dependency of humankind on those devices. There is a wide range of smartphone models to choose from. However, before making a purchase, carry out thorough research and determine your budget specifics rather than focusing on the ongoing trends of smartphones in the market. Otherwise, you may end up with a device that doesn’t even suit your purposes.

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