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6 File Managers To Organize The Content Of Your Android

Most Android users store a large number of files on their devices. This content can be from photos or images to music files, text documents, applications and more.

Although the platform includes by default an application to manage all this content, in reality, it lacks many functions necessary for proper management. Therefore, below we share with you what we believe are the 6 best file managers to organize content on Android.

Mention that all of these applications work as file managers and in some cases include advanced features only available to ROOT users. In any case, most are compatible with the latest Android versions.

1. ES File Explorer File Manager

It is probably one of the most popular and efficient Android file management applications in every way.

They include a set of features, functions, and tools, designed to maximize phone performance through proper organization of files and applications. Its main features include:

  • Multiple file operations (copy, paste, move, select, delete, create, search, rename, send, share)
  • You can install and uninstall applications, perform backups, create shortcuts, categories
  • Ability to compress and decompress ZIP files, manage files remotely, view photos, videos, documents, play audio files
  • Compatible with text editing, support for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Bluetooth file explorer

2. File Commander

This is also one of the best file managers for Android. It stands out for its intuitive and easy to use user interface, with the option to individually manage libraries of images, videos, music and documents. In addition to this it also stands out for:

  • Integrated file converter with support for over 1200 different types of conversions. Can convert files to over 100 formats
  • Screen share to easily share your phone screen with other devices on the same network
  • Login profile support to save app settings and customizations on all Android devices
  • File organization based on location, remote file access, hide files, recycle bin

3. File Explorer

This is a file manager that is particularly distinguished by its Material Design- based interface and its support for a large number of integrated applets that further extend its functionality. Some of its most relevant features include:

  • Network access using FTP, SSH FTP, WebDAV, and Networking
  • Possibility of connecting with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, SugarSync, etc.
  • Management of installed applications with support for browsing applications based on the required permissions
  • Creation and exploration of AES-256 / AES-128 encrypted Zip files
  • Possibility of using a text editor, binary viewer, image viewer, audio player, RAR file extractor
  • Folder navigation for photos and videos

4. ASTRO File Manager

This file manager you can use both your Smartphone and your tablet. It allows you to easily organize the content stored on your device, it even comes with a function to recover images, videos, music, documents and other files. Also:

  • Provides support for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box
  • File search and management, copy, move, delete, rename, select all, favourites, filter by content
  • Image viewer, networking, zip files, Task Killer, application backup, use of micro SD card

5. Tomi File Manager

This is also an application for managing files on Android that stands out for its fresh and minimalist user interface. It includes all the basic functions of a content manager, in addition to intelligently classifying files according to their type.

It also comes with ROOT browse functions, so you can browse the root directory without a problem.

  • Allows you to change file permissions
  • Mount / read / write, edit hosts files
  • Uninstall pre-installed apps
  • Music manager, sort songs by names, artists, albums
  • Share songs via Bluetooth, manage ringtones, slide show with images
  • Hide photos, move images to SD card
  • Integrated document editor
  • Support for PSD, Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents

6. Computer File Explorer

The interesting thing about this file manager has to do with its user interface that is similar to the famous Windows Explorer. It is perfect for Tablets since it allows working with multiple windows without leaving the main window.

It also allows you to instantly view phone storage and it already comes with folders for images, videos, music, downloads, documents, favourites.

  • Allows you to manage documents just like you do on your laptop
  • Works as an FTP or SFTP client for network connections
  • Includes an application manager, multimedia viewer and play videos in different formats
  • Thumbnails for images and APK files
  • Support for compressing and decompressing Zip files