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7 Best Applications To Track A Device Without Touching It

You can find hundreds of phone trackers online. However, most of them require you to root or jailbreak the device to use them. Therefore, we wanted to find a solution that can track a device without rooting it.

In this article, we will share this application to help you monitor a device securely. You can Redirect to this page to get the complete list of applications for better results.

Before you go ahead, please know that websites are web-based and do not need you to install any application on your device.



There is no better option than Spyine when it comes to tracking a device remotely. It is a complete application, and you’ll perfect using it in no time. It has a convenient yet straightforward layout that is suitable for both beginners and experts.

This application allows you to track location, messages, media files, apps, browsing history, and much more. You can check all of these activities without even letting them know. It is possible because of the stealth mode feature of this application.

There’ll be no possibilities for you to get caught as you’ll be anonymous all the time. It means that you can monitor the targeted device secretly. Spyine is 100% secured and keeps your data safe. Thus, there’s no need to worry about your data. You can check the details about the features on the official website.


If you can’t take the risk to keep the targeted device in your hand for a long time and want quick results, then Neatspy is for you. It is one of the fastest application that takes only a handy of minutes to verify the device. Millions of people trust it.

This application offers the same feature as all other phone monitoring applications. But unlike them, it takes much less time to make the targeted device ready for you to monitor it. You can check the real-time location and other crucial data of the targeted device like messages, apps, etc.

This application will allow you to track both Android and iPhone smartphones. Additionally, there’s no need to root or jailbreak the device to start monitoring it. You can create an account for free and connect a device.


Minspy is an intuitive web-based application that is amazing in its work. It will allow you to track any modern smartphone’s critical data no matter if it’s an Android or iPhone. It is a hidden, easy-to-use app and works great for beginners and experienced ones.

It will take you no time to track a device once you get friendly with this application. You’ll be able to check locations, messages, media files, social media apps, browsing history, and other critical data. Though, there is much more feature that can be found at the official website.

However, Minspy is serious when it comes to security as well. It keeps you hidden and protects your data to get leaked anywhere. Make sure to check all the features and start tracking while avoiding getting caught.


If you’re worried about your kids and want to keep an eye on them all the time, then Spyic is going to be the best application for you. This application was designed for the parents with a simple yet powerful layout. That’s why, no surprise that it has parental control.

You can always check your kid’s smartphone activities and track their location, messages, apps, and much more. The developers have created a solution to track kid’s activities while protecting data from third parties.

Overall, other advanced features like Geo-fence always track your kid’s location when they are not around.


Spyier may not have many advanced features, but it does an excellent job with its limited features. If you want to track a device, then using its location tracker will help you out. This application works on the same concept and requires remote access to the device you want to monitor.

As far as security is concerned, it offers an encrypted server to protect your privacy. Hence, you can use this platform without worrying about your data.

You can check its privacy policy to learn more about it.


TeenSafe is another excellent application for parents that are worried about the safety of their kids. However, this application is also suitable for tracking the employers as it will allow you to check every single activity on the targeted device.

Other than that, parents can quickly access their kids’ devices and see their real-time location and other things going on their smartphones. You can also check their social media apps data like WhatsApp. All the call logs, incoming and outgoing messages, and shared media of it.


If you want an effective phone tracking platform, then Safespy is the right application for you. It comes with some advanced features that provide high-end technology to monitor a device. Although it is not as efficient as Spyine, you can still do the necessary monitoring with it.

It is famous for its social media tracker to access all the accounts logged in on that device. Thus, there is no need to know the password of any account to access it.

It offers complete secrecy while monitoring a device, meaning that the user can not find this application installed on the device.

Final Words

The right solution to track a device must have a stealth mode. It is because you can not leave any trace while spying on someone’s activities. All these applications come with a stealth mode that protects your identity.

Additionally, there are applications like Spyine that offers some advanced tools to track a device altogether. You can use the same solution to track an iPhone and an Android as well.