7 Tech Trends To Look Forward To In 2023

Technology is always on the rise, and new trends keep coming up. However, some technologies are more significant than others. Hence, knowing which technologies you should look forward to in 2023 will come in handy. This post digs in on the 7 technology trends to focus on in 2023 and the coming years. Take a look!

1. Artificial Intelligence

Moving forward into 2023, we expect to see more advancements regarding AI and its application in different industries. There is an increase in technologies applying AI to automate different activities. Recently we’ve seen new AI technologies like ChatGPT and Copilot. These are just examples of various AI technologies coming up in 2023.

2. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Different industries are adapting the use of VR and AR in their applications. We expect to see industries like tourism, health, education, military, etc., using VR and AR more to promote their activities. For instance, virtual tours have become a thing, and organizations are using VR to save on the cost of physical movement.

Still, giant tech companies will likely invest more in this technology, like metaverse and NFTs.

3. 5G

The growth and spread of 5G in most areas will increase. We’ve seen its applications in various industries, and more services and devices are getting connected to 5G, and 2023 will see an increase in 5G connection globally.

Furthermore, the enhancement of IoT and other technologies like blockchain and VR will push 5G as it offers a faster and more reliable internet connection ideal for big data collection and analysis.

4. Internet of Things

We expect to see more advanced IoT applications in the future. 2023 will have more connected devices and smart homes. IoT will grow exponentially as other technologies like AI combine to create AI IoT applications.

There are plenty of developers in the IoT industry, and most industries hire remote developers to upgrade their systems to shift in the IoT direction of smart devices,

5. Metaverse

With most organizations shifting attention to virtual working environments, we expect to see the metaverse taking its place in different industries. Besides, many organizations rely on technology to connect with their consumers. More digitization will see its way in the coming year.

6. 3D Printing

3D printing has only set its foot, but the technology is here to stay. The idea of quickly creating prototypes and printing real objects from a printer is amazing, and industries have yet to test the full potential of 3D printing. Hence, we expect to see more of its application in 2023.

7. Blockchain

Blockchain has a firm ground in various industries, and we expect to see more of its application, especially in financial services. Its benefits, such as security and anonymity, give it room to grow and be applied by different organizations. Besides, web3 relies on blockchain. So, keep an eye on blockchain as we anticipate seeing more of its application this year and in the coming years.


2023 has plenty of technologies we expect to see how they will grow and be applied in various industries. Technology keeps growing inevitably, and this guide has presented the 7 tech trends you should look forward to in 2023.

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