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8 Electrical Appliances That You May Lose After An Electric Surge

What Is An Electric Surge?

An electric surge happens when unwanted, dangerous amounts of current flows overvoltage occurs through your appliances on your appliances. An electric surge may occur because of many reasons, for example, a lightning strike during a thunderstorm, broken wiring, excessive power load, and an unexpected power outage.

An electric surge can be a devastating experience. It may cause you to lose a lot of precious equipment. Here are a few appliances that you may lose after an electric surge.


Here is one of your favourite devices that you may lose after an electric surge. Television is an amazing opportunity to relax after a long, exhausting day at work. It may also cause your kids to sulk if they have to miss their shows after coming back from school.


An electric surge could cause you to lose your refrigerator. This could be really bad if it happens in the summer months. You may lose your access to cold water, ice, and ice cream. Refrigerators are at a high risk of breaking down after an electric surge so make your house repair and maintenance is covered.

Computer and Laptop

In this age of work for home, we have realized the importance of our computers and laptops. These are essential not only to keep up with our work but also with our loved ones, pay utility bills, keep updated with the news. Not only the fear of missing out on all this but also the fear of losing years of stored data, pictures, and memories can be daunting.

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Washing Machine

Having a washing machine in the house is a blessing and you may realize it when you lose it due to an electric surge. Doing the laundry is one of the daily essential tasks, it can become pretty hectic to find yourself a washing machine to do your laundry when yours has broken down.

Printers and Scanners

These are pretty simple devices. These are also one of those devices whose importance we have realized after the pandemic has struck us. It can be pretty awful to go around looking for printers and scanners to get a copy of your important documents.

Blenders, Mixers, Toasters

Losing these means no hot toast for breakfast, no smoothies at lunch, and no salad in at dinner. Life can become boring if you do not have good food. These devices are perfect to cater to all your mid-day and late late-night cravings. Bidding them farewell because of an electric surge can be really sad.

Game Consoles

Losing a game console can be a terrible experience for kids because they may not be able to play their favorite games, and it could be a bad news for you because you had paid a hefty price to get them on their birthday. You may also lose that one weapon to bribe them into doing their homework every day.

Lamps and Thermostats

We usually take these devices for granted because they have been a part of our routine every day. Temperature regulation during different seasons is a great blessing, lights are important to keep our homes lively and not dark and dingy. Just imagine, how difficult would it be to complete our daily tasks without sufficient light?

Final Words

If you are panicking after reading how you could lose important appliances by an electric surge, then relax, First Energy Help offers you amazing packages for your home repair and maintenance after an electric surge. An electric surge can be a traumatic experience and could waste your precious money, time, and energy which you could otherwise invest to make you and your family happy.