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A complete Guide On How To Become A Mobile App Developer

You want to have a handy and good application for your users. You want to grow your business and develop your mobile application. Among billions of smartphones and apps, you better have a better and useful application than your competitors.

One of the issues that every business and career does is they always want to have a great mobile app that no one has. Try to create your app to understand. Here you are a complete guide on how to become a mobile app developer, keep reading; you find it useful for your business.

What is mobile development?

Mobile development is more than just creating mobile apps, but that is a big part of it. Any type of development for any type of mobile device is known as mobile development. This is a bit of a hypothetical explanation, but it means that mobile development includes developing apps for any smart objects such as phones, smartwatches, or any other wearable devices that run any kind of OS (Operating System). And also web developers must consider how their apps will be used and accessible on mobile devices.

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What are the responsibilities of a mobile app developer?

A developer designs, builds, and updates mobile apps based on the platform they are developing a mobile app whether iOS or Android. A developer works along with a UX designer to ensure that their work meets the user’s needs. A developer also has to organize launch strategies with corporate leaders.

Select the platform

The platform of a mobile device is the operating system (OS) that controls all of the device’s functions. It means you’ll have to create your software in a different way for each system.

Mobile operating systems are typically based on an existing computer operating system that has been customized to match the mobile environment. Android and iOS are the most popular platforms.

Based on the functionality you want from the app, you will decide between third party, native, carrier-specific, or hybrid. Also, you will decide on the most important KPI when you want to launch the app. The main differences between Native and hybrid apps are mentioned below:

  • Native apps: are quicker and easier to find in the app marketplaces (better performance). You can even use the native features of your smartphone (camera, location, address book) completely and perform comfortably in offline mode. Native apps have completely different code bases among iOS and Android. They have also a benefit on two important sides: user experience and security.
  • Hybrid applications: are more economical to develop, no difference whether you are developing on an iOS and Android basis it is one codebase. But still have challenges to properly support native components on smartphones. On the other hand, marketing time is much quicker.

Although both of them have some benefits when compared to the other, the most important key performance indicator should drive the decision on what kind of app to build.

The primary difference between iOS and Android is that each of them uses different programming languages. The coding of Android is most often done in Java while iOS is usually developed in either Swift or Objective-C. Android is a good start point for java developers. On the other side, iOS developers might find the iOS learning curve less difficult when they have developed in C++, C#, or every other C language.

Android developer

You’ll need to learn Kotlin or Java if you want to work on the Android platform. Take a basic course as your starting point. You might begin by using the Android developer library from Google. One thing to remember is that there are a variety of Android smartphones on the market. It’s possible that you will run into some difficulties at first. But these difficulties will end up in a bigger market.

IOS developer

An iOS developer starts with learning Swift or Objective-C. If you want to make your own apps and products, Swift is a good choice. This specific language was introduced in 2014 and has attracted a lot of developer’s interest.

If you want to work as an iOS developer, though, you should learn Objective-C. You will need to do a lot of documentation while learning this language, as well as maintain and fix the code as needed.

Apple provides an iOS developer library, which must be properly documented. Tutorials and videos to assist you in learning to code are simply available. You will get it to smaller parts, and the learning process complexity would be in control.

Technical skills

Based on the platform you choose yourself, you can build a roadmap for your development journey.

Learn Multiple programming languages

As discussed above, you need to know at least some of the programming languages of your preferred platform.

Following on from the prior issue, the more expertise you as a developer get, the higher your chances of being a successful application developer. Having experience on two platforms may help you earn more money, save time, and put you ahead of those who are limited to only one.

But you should consider going step by step and do not want to take shortcuts because patience plus hard work makes everything.

Basics of UI & UX design

You should also be able to interpret a model into a functioning Android application using Java and XML. To achieve this, you ought to understand how to use all traditional view frames, thus A well-defined app may assist you in meeting your consumers where they want you the most: on their mobile devices. Creating an app that is easy to use can help improve your clients’ shopping and purchase experiences.

Apps with excellent UX design are more likely to be used frequently.

Backend and security

A developer should be aware of every possible safety factor and try to implement them in their apps in order to ensure data safeness.

Because of limitations in the backend development phase, the wireframes and storyboard may need to be modified. Keep in mind that flexibility is critical, and you must achieve it through the app development process.

Soft skills

Besides all the technical and hard skills that you need to acquire to become a successful developer, you need to improve and focus on your soft skills too. Soft skills are like muscles and, as you train them more and pay more attention to them, they will help you in your career path. Now let’s look at some of the soft skills a developer needs to have:


Mobile development has so many different stages, and it takes a lot of time and effort to build a complete mobile app and be successful in the market. So it is highly recommended to become a member of a good team and learn to have effective communications besides time management.

Remember that each person has his or her unique abilities. Every person can do something spectacular if the person joins a good team where everyone knows his particular role.

Emotional intelligence

(EI) Emotional intelligence and Empathy are all about being able to put me in the shoes of another person and ask myself, do I treat others the right way if they treat me the same?

So try to treat someone as you want them to treat you.


As a developer, you might usually be looking for solving problems or debugging codes. Problem-solving will first give you a better vision of learning the problem itself more clearly and, then it will also increase your creativity level.

Wrapping up

The mobile app industry is constantly changing and everyone wants to know what is yet to come, so it is better to keep yourself updated with the new trends and other influencing factors in the programming world.

Also, keep in mind that you should continue a long road so it is a must to expect realistic results from yourself. Both personal & working skills are required to make a person successful in his career.

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