A Guide To Earnings Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have now been around for over a decade, but people have only recently started to get truly excited about them. This excitement is to be expected, especially considering the high prices the top digital currencies like Bitcoin have managed to reach. Many investors have been rewarded with excellent returns from crypto, and, as a result, no one now wants to be left behind.

Traditional investment options are losing their appeal with passing time, while, on the other hand, crypto seems to offer so much promise. This makes cryptocurrencies a viable investment option and is why many investors are looking for ways on how to earn cryptocurrency.

The crypto market is now gaining a lot of traction, especially with the introduction of stablecoins which has helped mitigate the risk of volatility which was previously discouraging some investors. Those fearing losing their money can opt for stablecoins, while others invest in the established but highly volatile cryptocurrencies. In this article, we have compiled a detailed guide on how to earn cryptocurrency.

Where to earn cryptocurrency

To earn Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you need to invest first. There are various platforms you can use to buy, HODL, convert crypto to crypto, or sell cryptocurrencies. You can use crypto exchanges as platforms to help you achieve all these and reputable wallets like YouHodler’s.

YouHodler offers a crypto wallet that allows you to perform a multitude of crypto functions. You can trade crypto, HODL crypto for interest, or earn dividends from crypto as well. You can download YouHodler’s earn cryptocurrency app, create an account and immediately start earning crypto.

Ways on how to earn cryptocurrency

Crypto trading

This is the commonly preferred method of acquiring Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and it involves buying and selling digital currencies. You have the option of buying these coins, keeping them in your wallet, or selling them when there is a rise in value.

Crypto trading is much riskier than other methods as you are buying in the hope that the price will go up in the future. If things do not go your way, you could end up losing a lot of cash. On the other hand, if your predictions are correct, you also stand a chance of achieving huge gains.

Earning crypto interest

It is not only fiat currencies that can earn you interest from fixed deposit accounts because you can also earn from crypto. In fact, crypto interest is much better because there is an option of creating a fixed account or flexible account where you earn interest weekly. If you are looking for ways to earn more cryptocurrency, saving crypto in an interest-paying account should be among your options.

Platforms such as YouHodler can help you earn crypto interest, (as high as 12% per year). This interest can be compounded if you decide to hold your investment for more than a year. Additionally, you benefit from any rises in the value of your digital currency during the holding period.

Earn crypto dividends

You can earn cryptocurrency by staking stablecoin tokens to earn dividends. These dividends in the crypto world are commonly referred to as airdrops. The dividends are rewarded in digital currencies and can be either redeemed or added to your existing portfolio. Crypto dividends, like interest, can be compounded, and the annual APY can be as high as 12.3%.

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