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A Mega Metaverse Cyber Revolution

The current web compass is pointing to bright, exciting places, specifically to much more innovative and advanced VR – virtual reality places.

As the world is transitioning from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, it is more likely that the web will turn into a massive cross-functional metaverse.

Let’s further delve into some of the recent related Web 3.0 Metaverse events, possible near-term and longer-term outcomes, including possible cybersecurity-related implications.

Enhanced Augmented Web Interaction Experiences

Instead of web users experiencing the same application, such as a WhatsApp chat session or group chat, more and more web users will begin to enter shared virtual spaces.

These shared spaces will mimic a virtual location such as the surface of the moon or another intergalactic planets to simply sitting at a local park on a gorgeous summer day when in reality, sub-zero temperatures coupled the biggest snowstorm of the year is in place.

Web Security Anti Malware Scans

Even web security-related routines such as a daily or a weekly online virus scan can be impacted by this web evolutionary step.

Simply presenting the malware anti-virus scans in a 3D VR experience is likely to enhance the user’s experience and encourage them to perform routine scans more often.

This will also likely improve the overal product user experience and hence satisfaction.

Exciting 3D Digital Avatars

Users will build their own virtual digital 3D persona avatars and develop any digital identity they want, from one that physically resembles them in real life to a completely different character such as a fictional alien.

Mark Zuckerberg Has Meta Spoken

Social media juggernaut Mark Zuckerberg is betting big bucks on this change. He has sent a clear message that his companies essence and main direction is the Metaverse.

This message includes the recent headline-shaking announcement that his iconic Facebook is changing its name to Meta.

As more technology juggernauts join the “Metaverse Party,” we should expect to see significant and exciting advancements, including other industries leveraging related technologies.

We should also expect to see new and exciting platforms emerge in many categories such as social media, dating, gaming, e-sports, online investment trading accounts and much more.

Metaverse Web 3.0 & Cybersecurity

As with all technological advancements, additional layers such as hardware and code will be introduced.

History has taught us very clearly that such advancements, mainly driven by capitalism especially when quarterly growth for publicly traded companies is an ongoing challenge, will typically steer less cyber security scrutinized products to market.

Mega Metaverse Cybersecurity Threats

Many new cyber threats could emerge, especially during the transitional Web 2.0 to 3.0 period when new advancements will be released.

Avatars could be hacked, and crimes similar to those we see relating to identity theft are likely to take place.

New vulnerabilities will likely surface, and you can safely bet that organized cybercriminal organizations will work around the clock to monetize this new golden opportunity.

Users should ensure they have purchased comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect all their personal and business endpoint devices and networks, including a VPN solution to take their privacy to the next level.