Are You Looking For A New CRM? Here Are The Three Best CRMs

Are you aware of what results you could get from implementing a CRM? A CRM solution (an acronym for Customer Relationship Management) allows a company to optimize communication, improve customer relationships, and shorten sales cycles. If you are looking for a new CRM, here we present the three best-performing CRMs and the three most popular CRMs worldwide.

The Three Best CRMs: Which One Is Right For You?

CRM represents a real business strategy through which you can easily manage all your business processes, including data and the much information that derives from it ( CRM strategy ). There are many CRM platforms available today, and there is no indication of which is the perfect CRM. “it would be good to have the ideal CRM so we would all utilize that and we would be fine,” and says, “the mystery is in understanding what the necessities are. of the client in light of the area where it works and its size and what the requirements of tomorrow are! “. Perfect CRM is just a dream and will likely remain so. The only thing every company should do is try to understand the context in which it operates, its current needs, and future goals. Below is a description of 3 robust CRM systems: Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Dynamics 365.


We are talking about the most widespread platform in the world. Founded in 1999 and immediately based exclusively on the cloud, it is characterized by a highly integrated and scalable business model and, for this reason, is suitable for companies of different sizes and sectors. Salesforce will allow you to interact effectively (and innovatively) with your customers, increasing business profitability and managing marketing, sales, and after-sales at 360 °. The main advantage of Salesforce is to natively integrate many applications such as e-commerce (Salesforce Commerce Cloud) and business intelligence (Salesforce Analytics Cloud) and have a vast third-party application marketplace (Salesforce Appexchange).


It is a straightforward, intuitive CRM system and is considered the most flexible and easy-to-use platform in the world. Furthermore, it integrates perfectly with other systems and platforms (such as E-Commerce, Marketing Automation) and can also be used on tablets and mobile phones (Android and iOS). Not bad, right? You will be able to use the SugarCRM platform in the field of sales (Sugar Sell), marketing (Sugar Market), and assistance (Sugar Serve) to direct you towards true business success. SugarCRM also offers the possibility to be installed On-Premise.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

A set of intelligent business applications will allow you to have complete information to make high-performance decisions for your business. Accessible from mobile and offline, Microsoft offers four basic modules (Sales, Marketing, Service, and Field Service) and other additional modules ( Artificial Intelligence, Customer Insight, Office 365, and Forms Pro) to respond to any business needs.

This is undoubtedly the preferred choice of companies already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. For more than 17 years, we at OpenSymbol have been implementing CRM projects and advise companies to frame them in a strategy that sees the customer at the center without leaving any piece of the Customer Journey uncovered. This is precise to integrate marketing, sales, and after sales 100% by establishing a lasting relationship – now essential – with customers.

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