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The Best Alexa Skills That You Can Use On Your Devices

We are sure that if you have come this far it is because you have Alexa and you want to inquire about her possibilities. Therefore, we are going to talk about what are some of the best skills that you can find in Spanish with better functionalities.

But before starting, for those who do not know who Alexa is, it is a virtual assistant created and developed by Amazon. This voice assistant began to be used in the Amazon Echo, which in turn are smart speakers and have up to three generations that allow us to use the assistant along with other gadgets and accessories such as plugs or light bulbs.

The Best Skills Of Alexa

Alexa has the facility to answer questions, you can also make lists, listen to audiobooks, give us the daily news, the weather, set alarms or timers, you can even control other smart devices; It is capable of doing all of this along with many other functions.

What Are The Skills?

Skills are something similar to the applications that we normally use in our daily lives, such as on smartphones or tablets. Its only difference is that together with Alexa you can interact more and better, by means of voice commands with which you can meet your needs or disable certain functions.

A skill is equivalent to skill and Alexa has many skills in store for us, a list that continues to grow as developers build more.

Regarding its installation it is very fast, you only need to enter the Amazon Alexa app that you will find both the App Store and Google Play. Once inside you will have to give the menu, then, skills and games and … You can install them now.


If you love cooking, Alexa will be your best ally; It knows many recipes that it will tell you on the go as well as you can count on the timer function and thus you will not burn anything!

It is very simple, you only need to call her by her name followed by what you want to ask her, such as how to make a custard, that’s when Alexa will tell you everything you need.

This is one of the best skills without a doubt along with Direct to the palate, which is another of Alexa’s best skills. These are two functions that together are very complete and are updated daily adding new recipes.

Burger King

If you are lazy when it comes to making dinner, don’t worry! With Alexa and her skills, you can order at home, you only need to be registered in the app with the same email as Amazon. Forget looking for the contact on your list, or even having to search the Internet for the number and location closest to your home, And it is that Alexa will be in charge of facilitating all this. You will not need to move from the sofa.

This option is also in other large chains such as Telepizza, Domino’s Pizza or others that you can check in the menu of your app. If you want to drink recipes you will find the Skills called Cups or cocktails in which there are numerous creepy drinks.


A great classic game of a lifetime that is also available, one of the best Skills you play is concerned. This game, which is logically played by voice, is available on two levels, one for children and another for adults, in which you can play between 1 and 4 people.

Its hours of entertainment and fun will make board games take on a new meaning, becoming integrated into Alexa and making them more dynamic. In the games section we will find other similar ones like Guess my name, What do you prefer, I see I see or Akinator.


This skill is ideal if you want your home to be smart. There are thousands of Philips Hue accessories in which you can find bulbs with which you can regulate the light of the hand of Alexa takes plugs that you can program to turn them on or off, a wide variety of elements with which you will notice a great release.

If you want to activate this ability you will also need another application on your smartphone called Philips Hue.

Renfe Ave

With Alexa, you will be up to date with Ave’s schedules, stops, free spaces and prices. Saving us to check the mobile or go to the station itself without having bought the ticket before.

If you want you can also ask him what are the recommended places that you can visit when you reach your destination.

English With Oxford

In the event that you want to deepen your learning with respect to English, Alexa will be your best teacher and it will help you both with grammar or vocabulary and with pronunciation and fluency when speaking it; all this without forgetting the understanding where we will listen to the typical listening that we heard at school.


As you read it, you can order your Uber directly with Alexa where you will choose your preferred trip or you can even cancel it. Something that allows us to continue with our tasks and not waste a single second on distractions.

Cabify, another of the most popular mobility platforms, is also available.


Skills that is ideal if your purpose is to meditate or even to sleep, it is relaxing helping to eliminate all the stress of the day or week. It helps you to eliminate all the informatics from your mind, leaving it clean and training it.

Telephone Numbers Of Interest

In case you need any phone number of interest such as Fire, Police, Civil Guard, Medical Emergencies and many others. Alexa will make it easy for you. This Skills you must have if or if in your Amazon Echo.


The Amazon Echo have very well finished speakers with great power, ideal for listening to music. And Deezer has more than 53 million songs featuring all genres.

Others that also have a great variety are apps like Spotify or Chill Out Radio.

Pocoyo’s Dreams

For the little ones, there are also numerous Skills and it is that Alexa does not forget them, for example, we have Pocoyo’s dreams tells stories set in different times and places of Pocoyo, with these skills children will enjoy and learn.

There are also others like Smile and Learn that has a wide variety of educational children’s accounts.

7-Minute Workout

Do not make any more excuses and it is that with Alexa you can do daily exercise that will only last 7 minutes. There will be 13 exercises of 30 seconds each, in which there will be music that will be downloaded automatically when Alexa dictates the steps to you, keeping you from slowing down.