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List of The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest Instead Of Ethereum or Bitcoin

Did you know that Bitcoin is not the only kind of crypto, and there are several cryptocurrencies that are the best for investment? Here, we will discuss an opportunity to invest in altcoins and get profit with maximal chances.

But first, let’s clarify some terms. Altcoin is a common name for cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. As a rule, they are launched after Bitcoin success and stand as its better alternative. The more people use them, the more value they gain.

A token is an analogy for the share in the digital world. It is an indication of digital assets.

Now, if everything is clear, we can discuss some new crypto coins with good perspectives.

Litecoin (LTC)

Being just an alternative way of Bitcoin value, this crypto is considered to be a stand-alone project. However, its inventor, Charles Lee, thought about it as a simple addition to Bitcoin. They are tightly connected, indeed. There are some differences, though:

  • The principles of blockchain formation are different. Bitcoin uses SHA-256, while LTC is built through scrypt.
  • The appearance of Litecoin blocks is more frequent: two and a half minutes only (with 10 minutes for a Bitcoin block).
  • There will be four-time more Litecoins than Bitcoins: 84 million and 21 million when the mining processes stop.

Despite the backward role, the new coin has some advantages compared to its elder brother:

  • The block building speed affects the transaction speed subsequently.
  • Owing to faster blocks, the transaction queue is smaller. It means that it takes less time to process all the operations and wastes less money for each one.
  • Indeed, the commission for a Litecoin operation is 3-5 times less compared to Bitcoin (during a Bitcoin boom of 2017, the difference was more than 25 times!).
  • Paypal accepts this coin, as well as almost every crypto stock.

The new function of confidentiality is about to launch, making both public and private transactions possible. Though many experts connect the coin with Bitcoin and predict its fall right after it, at the moment, Litecoin is potentially the best coins to invest in.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is among relatively new crypto coins, so-called third-generation coins. The main purpose of its creation was the extermination of Etherium disadvantages. The coin uses the PoS (proof of stake) system, which means less energy consumption compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are three properties natural for ADA:

  • Scaling – it is the number of transactions conducted per second. Cardano aims to grow this ratio to hundreds of thousands.
  • Compatibility – the main problem of modern blockchains is the absence of direct connections. To make transactions between different electronic currencies, we have to use third-party mediators (exchange platforms, stocks, etc.). Cardano aims to be compatible with Bitcoin, Etherium, Swift financial transaction system, and others.
  • Stability – Cardano aims to create a system stable in the financial and development dimensions.

In such a way, the Cardano developers want to create a system being maximally independent of single personalities or companies. The system of control will be represented by voting.

Voting will make the system avoid new forks, as it happens with other cryptos now. If the majority of users vote for a change, everybody uses it. And if a client wants to make a transaction, a notification window with a demand to accept a new change will appear.

As for the minuses, the currency does not imply smart contacts and in-built tokens yet. All the advantages are still discussed using the future tense. However, it does not deprive investors of optimism. In some cases, the overall Cardano capitalization exceeds Etherium. It makes ADA one of the most promising and, definitely, the best crypto to invest.


Hashbon was created with two goals: being a connection between all the cryptocurrencies and making both personal and business transactions easy.

The Hashbon ecosystem has been created with 0% commission for transactions. Since 2016, it has been developing, adding new functions, and establishing connections with new cryptocurrencies. Now, it is connected with more than 30 different blockchains. It has just launched a new token to ease the process of transactions.

There are several reasons to invest in tokens produced by Hashbon:

  • The tokens appeared only in 2021, so they are of minimal value right now.
  • The total amount of tokens reaches one billion.
  • It is not a simple investment. A utility HASH token is a key to the special features of a platform (lower exchange rates, cashback, improved support, etc.) It makes HASH obligatory for those who want to make a profit and invest in altcoins.
  • The HASH token meets the ERC20 and BEP20 standards.
  • Unlike the other cryptos listed here, HASH is ensured by a real working business product used by more than eleven thousand company clients.

Though the full potential of HASH is to be discovered in the future, many crypto investors call it one of the best altcoins for 2021.

Enjin (ENJ)

Maybe, it is one of the most bizarre tokens in our altcoins 2021 list. It is a platform that allows token transactions within different video games. If you are not familiar with the situation, a video game now is not simple entertainment for a night with friends.

Each video game tends to become a separate service, with its own world, a system of upgrades, valuable items, and collectibles. Such concepts as skins, weapons, characters, mounts, or even game accounts have become very valuable (the prices sometimes reach dozens of thousands of US dollars).

So, a platform that will be the most convenient for all in-game transactions will hold millions of investments at once. Enjin is the platform at the moment. With the number of gamers growing every day, it is a good aim for investment.

As you can see, the variety of various coins available for investors is larger than you can imagine. As always, the final choice depends on you. Choose HASH if you want a stable, independent outcome along with improved investment options. Or you can conduct an experiment and pay attention to Enjin. No matter what you choose, do it carefully and thoroughly. Watch the latest news and learn all the tendencies to save your assets.

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