The Best File Transfer Tools In 2020

The best file transfer tools can be adapted to all types of activities (marketing, service, design, communication) and allow you to share your achievements with your team in better conditions.

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a cloud-based online platform designed to let you transfer various types of files to other users over the Internet for free. Its use is very simple and more and more common, especially because it allows you to send very large or heavy files in a very convenient, easy and 100% efficient way.

Support: Web

Price: Free offer / Standard / Plus (business) / Business Grid

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a local online file storage and sharing service. The latter offers its users the possibility of benefiting from a large storage space that they can use as they wish to save and share different data (documents, photos, videos) on any navigation medium. The tool allows file synchronization, that is, all data placed in the storage space of Dropbox can be retrieved, viewed and modified on another device: mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Support: PC Application / Mobile Application

Price: Standard / Advanced / Business Offer

3. Smash

Smash is an ad-free French service that allows you to easily transfer your files through your web browser or through the dedicated mobile application. There is no weight limit for the free version, which gives you the option to send large files.

Without registration required, it is an easy-to-use tool for the sender of the files but also for the recipient who can view the files sent and thus decide whether he wishes to download them or not. Smash also allows the playback of videos sent before downloading, unlike Wetransfer which is limited to photos and audio files.

Support: Web / Mobile Application

Price: Free offer

In our opinion, these file transfer tools are the most suitable in 2020. With them, you will be able to easily transfer your files, photos, videos to any person via different media. Don’t wait any longer, it makes sharing easier for you and your team.

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