Big Data vs. COVID-19

In these moments that we have had to live, any tool or initiative that helps us overcome this situation as soon as possible is welcome.

Since the spread of the COVID-19 virus began, much information has been gathered regarding the spread or how it affects the population. If we add to this data what is generated day by day by all of us, we have a huge amount of information.

Big Data comes into play for the analysis of all these data, which helps us, precisely, to be able to extract value from these immense sources of data, which “mixing them” make it easier for us to make decisions on this occasion, with a very clear purpose, to overcome the propagation controlling the global expansion of the corona virus.

How To Take Advantage Of Big Data

  • Every day new ways appear to take advantage of the Big Data to face the COVID-19. One of them could be through aggregate studies of the mobility of people to monitor the state of alarm decreed by the Government. With anonymized information, dashboards can be generated to understand how the population is moving through geographical areas.
  • It can also be identified how the emergency channels enabled are being used to analyze whether they are well dimensioned or otherwise, provide more resources in those that are necessary and in the populations that need it most, prioritizing resources in the most efficient way.
  • With all the data available, advanced analytical techniques are being applied to help predict how the virus will evolve according to various geographic and social factors, among others, through the development of mathematical algorithms that allow us to comprehensively monitor progress and their advance.
  • Among the Big Data applications in the world around us, the spread of the corona virus is one of great impact and repercussion since we make technology and knowledge available to society at a critical moment.
  • We have been talking about Big Data and its capabilities to process and analyze large volumes of data for some time. Today, most companies have incorporated Big Data into their transformation plans because the differential value of data analysis in the various sectors is contrasted. But now is the time to realize the potential of Big Data for other purposes.

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