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Budget VR Headsets For Gaming 2020

Technologies go forward, and in 2020 we finally have an opportunity to step inside the game using the virtual reality capabilities. It brings gaming to the whole new level giving you real-life experience and emotions and making you feel more powerful. Many students overwhelmed with high college workload spend evenings playing video games as it is the only way to relax. The majority of them also use paper writing help online delegating their tasks to such companies as https://papercoach.net.

It frees up some time and lets them enjoy a great game, not thinking about deadlines and piles of work waiting for them in the dorm room. One of the devices you will need for your unforgettable VR gaming experience is VR headsets, and sadly, the majority of these devices cost a fortune, becoming not affordable for an average college student. In this guide, we are going to provide a list of top VR headsets for a limited budget that will still let you dive into virtual reality.

Key Shopping Tips

Getting some cheap VR headsets with good quality at the same time is not an easy task, but due to a range of companies producing these devices for iOS, Android, PC, and PS4 users, you can get a really good deal. Besides, the device you are using for connection should be really powerful to provide you with great experience in gaming. Before we go to the list of top affordable models of VR headsets available on the market, let`s cover the key things you should consider when buying it:

  • A PC-connected model can deliver the best experience, but it needs a laptop or PC that is usually very expensive (starting from $900). To make it less expensive, pay attention to HMDs not connecting to something particular or alternative smartphone-connected options;
  • Make sure that your PC/smartphone/console is powerful enough to meet the minimum VR requirements. You can pass a free test before purchasing a headset;
  • Check whether your apartment has enough space for a proper VR game;
  • The bigger specifications the headset has, almost always the better;
  • Some HMDs provide more comfortable glasses-wearing.

We have examined different VR headset models for their usability, quality, comfort, and features and picked the best products that can also meet your budget.

Top VR Headsets For Your Tiny Budget

1. Oculus Quest

The cost of this device ranges from $400 to $650, and it has a number of great benefits: it is easy to arrange, it doesn`t require a PC to connect (just a smartphone for the initial setup), and it has no wires. The only disadvantage is a step back when it comes to quality of VR graphics, but still, this model is the best for the majority of shoppers. The gadget is a good example of the balance between headsets` performance and cost. It is pretty simple to set up even for VR beginners.

2. Oculus Go

It is another model of this company, just with a better price: only $149 on Amazon. It has smartphone connectivity, lightweight, plenty of content, no spatial tracking, and high-quality production. The disadvantage is the longer charge time compared to similar devices. Unfortunately, the company decided to stop producing this model, so the number of devices is limited. But, it is one of the best and cheapest ways to get into VR: it is quick, simple in use, it is good for those who wear glasses, and it is the only headset with three freedom degrees

3. HP Reverb

This device connects to a computer, costs from $400 to $600, has exceptional clarity of graphics and simple setup process, and is lightweight. However, the gadget has bad controller tracking and poor ergonomics with quite limited FOV and no IPD. But we still think that it is a good choice for this price. The device has great lenses and built-in speakers, a higher display resolution, a clear menu, and it is very easy and comfortable to set up. Besides, it belongs to Windows Mixed Reality.

4. Pansonite 3D

Amazon offers this device for as low as $16 with attractive design, wired headphones support, and high-quality lenses. It is comfortable to wear but has no extra accessories. This is probably the cheapest VR headset that gets close to good virtual reality experience, so it can become your best investment in VR gaming.

5. Topmaxions 3D

This device is lightweight, open for AR apps, has a minimal design, good lenses, and costs almost nothing. However, the downside is that it still has no focus adjustment and lacks face padding. The gadget protects your face, not making your head too hot, and has augmented reality options activated through the camera of your smartphone. This is a great small VR device with a super low price and good visual quality.

6. ReTrak Utopia 360

This is an elite edition with comfortable padding, extra accessories, and easy setup that comes for a really cheap price. Of course, not all its accessories are equally good and useful, but in general, it is a nice VR option for a limited budget. The device has a top-mounted button of action that gives you extra features activated in the VR app and a soft face pad for comfortable wearing. In the box, you will find a remote with a more gaming-oriented controller.