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Data Use: BVDW Launches An Information Campaign About What Data Can Do

India needs a positive discussion about the use of data. To add constructive voices to the often-critic tenor, the BVDW is launching a broad-based educational campaign that shows: “Your data can do it.”

The BVDW wants to initiate a positive discussion that focuses on the immense importance of data and the fundamentally essential effects of data use on society and the economy. However, if we continue to anchor all data used in the minds of Indians with a warning about risks and side effects, then all progress will be inhibited”.

Data and creativity reflect the core competencies of the BVDW and its members. Data is undisputedly a critical factor in the future. Creativity is required along many processes, from the concrete implementation of communication tasks to developing new digital solutions or business models, which are inevitably based on data in a networked world. The economy can only grow if data is used sensibly and responsibly simultaneously. And only with the help of data will public administration and healthcare become more efficient. Even climate goals cannot be achieved without data.

Demand For A Positive Discussion About Data Use

Discussions must be conducted openly and critically, but, as the past has shown, they should not always begin with possible data misuse”. India depends on a creative expansion of data-based solutions as a business location. If we want to prevent us from just importing data-based keys, we must quickly move on to a reasonable and positive discussion about the use of data”.

Awareness Campaign Shows How To Protect Data

The campaign motifs vividly show how data protects us and makes our lives easier. They protect against traffic jams, exorbitant prices, or empty shelves, including the data-based mechanics in digital marketing, which are often cited as a negative example in the public debate. They also protect by ensuring, among other things, independent and critical journalism.

“We want to explain the benefits of their data to citizens with a simple and understandable presentation of the often complex facts. They should be able to understand the connections to assess the risks and benefits of shared data as comprehensively and neutrally as possible”.

In the next two months, the motifs will be visible in the advertising space of many BVDW members. The advertising creations came from the agency Saint Elmo’s, Hamburg, and the team around the head of creation Peter Gocht. The Cologne digital marketing agency Echte Liebe is responsible for media planning. Data-driven business models will also play a central role at DMEXCO on September 21 and 22 in Cologne. The master class “Data can do that” explores the question of how a real “connected economy” can be created in India.

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) eV represents the interests of companies that operate digital business models or whose added value is based on digital technologies. As a driving force and accelerator of digital business models, the BVDW represents the interests of the digital economy in politics and society. In addition, the association is committed to creating market transparency and innovation-friendly framework conditions.