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CBD For Sleepless Nights? Let’s Spice It Up With CBN For A Relaxing Sleep


A night of good sleep plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing good health. A good sleep ranges between seven to nine hours every night. However, 35.2 % of adults in the U.S. reportedly were sleeping for less than seven hours per night.

CBD is one of the opposite choices for dealing with sleepless nights. The wide variety in which it is consumable, its varied other health benefits, etc., are compelling reasons for its popularity. However, this article will help you comprehend how products containing a mixture of CBD and CBN like capsules, oils, etc., can act as a game-changer in humanizing the sleeping experience and help you attain a better, relaxed and night of soothing sleep. One should always make an informed decision and only choose the best CBD capsules for sleep.

Understanding the Basics

1. CBD- The Popular Member of the Cannabis Family.

The cannabis plant is a big pool containing various cannabinoids. It can cause a diversified series of emotional, physical, mental effects all over the body. Because of its wide-ranging medical benefits, the CBD market has seen astonishing growth, evident by the fact that its market value is around USD 2.8 billion in 2020. However, products like capsules are well-thought-out best for a good and relaxed sleep.

Unlike its big brother, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has the psychoactive element and is conscientious for the exciting sensation of getting ‘high’ commonly associated with marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive, simply meaning that it won’t make you feel ‘high’ like consuming its big brother’ THC.’

2. CBN-The Hidden Gem

Out of the extensive reservoir, i.e., the cannabis plant, one more building block of this reservoir is Cannabinol. It is a mild psychoactive component. The non-intoxicating compound is the creation of an amalgamation known as a cannabinoid formed on the aging of THC. It is to have almost one-fourth potency as that of THC. Like its counterpart (CBD), it is also known for speckled health benefits like modifying the immune system, relieving pain, helping patients with a seizure disorder, etc.

CBN is a relative discovery. It was just a waste by-product earlier; however, various researches have highlighted the therapeutic effects, making it an impending reservoir of varied benefits.

3. CBD v. CBN- The Difference

CBD is one of the most active ingredients of the cannabis flower, whereas CBN’s level depends on the amount of heat and light of the cannabis flower. The latter is a result of oxidation or degradation of THC. Further manufacturers can breed the CBD plants to have a higher amount of cannabinoid. However, in CBN, the cannabinoid level cannot be directly predisposed by the manufacturers as these are a product of THC’s breakdown.

CBD and Sleep- The Balancing Relationship

Around 10% to 30% of adults globally struggle with chronic insomnia. Lack of sleep can significantly influence your health, and that almost 40% of people with insomnia also are exaggerated by some mental health disorder. Not only does it impact your health, but inadequate sleep also leads to an economic consequence of over $411B every year in the U.S. alone. The statistics reaffirm that sound sleep is quite indispensable and that if you have insomnia, you are not alone.

CBD tends to offer an array of medical benefits. Various Researches have shown that it can be drastically valuable in improving an individual’s sleep. A 2019 research highlighted that a 25 mg dosage of CBD Capsule every day helped 66.7 % of people experience a night of better sleep.

Chronic pain can also be the reason for your sleepless nights. CBD has proven to be quite effective in reducing pain and contributing to a better sleeping experience.

It also acts as a sedative and manages the cortisol level, which is basically a hormone accountable for wakefulness and is generally peak in the morning. However, with individuals suffering from lack of sleep, the cortisol level can be at their elevations at night at well. CBD helps in lowering this cortisol level by possibly functioning as a sedative.

The Endocannabinoid organization plays an elementary role in the body like regulating metabolism, immune response, the mood of an individual, pain, sleep, etc. This system chiefly has two receptors CB1 and CB2. CBD helps perk up the rest of an individual by reacting with receptors responsible for the sleep /wake cycle and affecting all such reasons for lack of sleep like pain, wakefulness, etc., Thus improving the sleeping lifestyle of an entity.

The Spiced Up Formulae

CBN is a powerful sedative, and studies have shown that it tends to prolong sleep time. Like CBD, CBN also reacts with the endocannabinoid system and the receptors. However, CBD tends to attach to these receptors in blood and bones. In contrast, CBN binds to these receptors in the brain as well. Along with the natural sedative effect, they tend to give a slight meditative effect that helps in sleeping.

CBD is well known for its therapeutic properties relating to pain reduction, anxiety disorders, depression, etc., all of which are causes of lack of sleep. CBN is also believed to possess a similar benefit to the former.

Thus a mixture of CBD and CBN products will help you experience the most relieving, relaxing, and restful sleep. Capsules comprising an amalgamation of this mixture can prove to be the best CBD oil for rest, giving you the calmness and soothing experience and the ‘Entourage effect’ due to the inclusion of high-potency CBN. A mixture of these chemical elements will provide a much comforting and tranquil experience both physically and mentally and thus recover your sleeping experience.


THC and CBD garnered all the buzz owing to their various characters and benefits; CBN is the new promising member of the cannabis family, which is all set to add to the legacy enjoyed by THC and CBD. When combined with CBD, it can prove to be a promising solution for the lack of sleep faced by individuals worldwide. Capsules containing a mixture of these products will be unsurpassed for a relaxed and soothing sleeping experience and will be ruling the market in the coming times.

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