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Corporate Social Media, Marketing Campaign: How Much Does It Cost, & How Does It Work?

From the goals that it helps you to reach to the necessary budget, the guidelines for an effective social campaign.

35 million of us in Italy are active on social media. Each with his preferences of him and for the most diverse reasons. In this large slice of people are hiding those who love your work, those who hate it, and those who do not yet know it.

It would help if you got in touch with all of them. To strengthen your relationship with those already your customers, get noticed by those who don’t know about you and know what those who don’t like you think.

The web helps you with some tools, among which you can also find social campaigns.

What Is A Social Media Marketing Campaign?

Advertisements. This is the first idea that forms in the mind of each of us when it comes to social campaigns.

The idea is right. These are ads that appear on social platforms and the web.

This idea, however, is not complete. A good social campaign does not remain rigid in the role of sponsored or paid ads that you can activate for a certain period but is completed thanks to other elements.

Organic content on the site and on social media, videos, and other materials you produce for the web, build your strategy for a social campaign.

In short, to get the most out of your social campaigns, paid and organic activities work in parallel.

Why Do I Do A Social Campaign?

Based on your specific goal, you can choose the social campaign that helps you to:

  • Broaden your audience and intercept a growing number of new potential customers,
  • Increase brand awareness, therefore awareness towards your company, and the notoriety of your products and services,
  • Contact people who are interested in your proposal,
  • Increase conversions and make users become customers with the consequence of improving sales and turnover.

All good, yet you are wondering: does it work? Yes, using social media for a well-structured campaign works.

The number of people online regularly is growing. The Social Media Examiner estimates that 63% of users who search for products and services on the web become customers of those active companies on social networks. Also, through ad hoc campaigns.

Why Do I Do A Social Campaign On Facebook?

Make a preliminary reflection; think about your target and your goals. You are on the right social network if the audience is not too young and you want to lead the generation.

Facebook is the ideal social network for creating leads. And not only:

  • Allows you to collect doubts and objections from customers to create interaction,
  • Helps you to give information clearly and transparently,
  • Favors new product promotions,
  • It is suitable for both B2B and B2C activities.

Why Do I Do a Social Campaign On Instagram?

Again it would help if you made your initial assessments. This isn’t the best social network if you need to do some heavy advertising. Furthermore, you must consider that it is a social network where graphic quality is crucial.

An Instagram campaign allows you to:

  • Create a community,
  • Quickly gain an audience, especially if you talk to younger people,
  • Develop the corporate image.

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How Much Does A Social Media Marketing Campaign Cost?

You can apply multiple strategies for your social campaigns and, consequently, different investment budgets. The discriminating factor will mainly be on your goals.

How To Increase Site Traffic?

It’s the fastest way to reach users who don’t know you yet.

You may want to do two things:

  • Structure the campaign to bring people to your site via a link,
  • Work in terms of conversions as well as visits.

In the first case, the average CPC will give the required expenditure. Just multiply it by the visits you aim to have, and you will get your budget.

In the second case, you need the site’s conversion rate to define the traffic that will lead to the desired number of conversions.

To be more practical, let’s assume your site has 2,500 monthly visits and 2% conversions, so around 50 monthly conversions. With a cost per click, for example, of € 0.50, getting 50 conversions means investing € 1,250 per month.

How Do You Generate Leads?

The more your social campaign posts can generate engagement, the easier it will be to acquire new leads.

Remember that the content of the posts you choose for your campaign must be at your target market. Do not choose random content, but act in a targeted way so as not to leave the campaign to the decisions of the social algorithm.

Then select your best content and invest in it. The cost per engagement obtained will give the budget.

Keep in mind that in the case of a lead generation campaign, the costs depend on the sector of reference. For example, if you work in the beauty and wellness industry, you will spend around € 3 per lead to increase your salon leads.

What Is The Daily Budget For Facebook Ads?

If you have come this far hoping for the ideal formula, we must reveal that, unfortunately, it does not exist.

Defining a standard daily budget for your sponsored campaigns isn’t easy because many factors come into play.

  • The goal of your campaign: The CTR, which is the parameter that measures the campaign’s effectiveness, of an interaction campaign is on a lower average than that of one with a conversion goal.
  • Size of the target audience: The more people you want to reach each day, the more you need to increase your budget.
  • Specificity of the target: The more defined your target is geographical, the less budget you will need for your campaign.
  • Several adverts to test: Facebook’s algorithm allows you to test using multiple ads to optimize your campaigns. With a good budget to spend on these tests, you will have more results, despite a higher initial cost.

These and other factors will characterize your daily budget based on the choices you make for your Facebook campaign. You can monitor and control all these statistics of the campaign through best social media management tools.

When Is A Social Campaign Successful?

And here we are. For a social campaign to work and capture the audience, the ads must respond to a specific strategy.

The strategy can start from the goal you intend to reach or from your target.

It must lead to a creative, engaging project that drives people to action on the web. The message must be clear and reach the public using the right levers.

Only in this way will the social campaign bring results.

As in many cases, there is no exact formula here either. Each company has its needs, its audience and its identity. Depending on these elements, tools and strategies must be tested, and different creatives and texts must always be tried.

Among the different ideas you can follow and actions you can take, we want to give you some ideas you can’t miss for a successful campaign.

Know The Audience

Analyze your audience to detect tastes and behaviours. Collect data on wants and needs. Understand how the public communicates and understands their needs, latent and otherwise.

You have all the information to design your social campaign so that the message reaches – and conquers – those directly concerned.

To repay your efforts and help you achieve your business goals.

Combine Originality And Functionality

On the one hand, you have all the features of the social platforms at your disposal; on the other, you have your creativity.

Use them both to create something unique. The possibility given by social networks to experiment with videos, images and stories goes perfectly with the impact effect that makes a social campaign effective.

Try the different solutions and find the one that best reflects your company and message.

Not Just Sales

Of course, even when the campaign is not aimed at a direct sale but rather at presenting a product or service, the ultimate goal is to transform users into customers.

Yet setting the whole message just thinking about closing the deal doesn’t always bring benefits, especially on social media.

First of all, you have to remember that you have people. People who want to build trust with your company. Even in social campaigns, you have to think about emotions.

Focusing on the emotional sphere and sharing is ideal for involving and remaining memorable. The rest will come by itself.

Interact With The Audience

A social campaign is not a static element. When it is active, it is good to continue monitoring it and continue growing it.

Such as? Talk to the audience. Don’t forget that the purpose of a social campaign is also to create a relationship with people.

Then engage the audience, respond to messages, and ask questions. In short, make customers feel involved and satisfy their requests.

Remember that the effectiveness of a social campaign can be seen from interactions and conversions and is not limited to the number of likes won.

Manage The Emergency

What if something goes wrong? Yes, take into account that not always everything goes smoothly. So be prepared to handle any difficulties.

We have already talked about managing a crisis; here, we want to remind you that giving a quick response and taking action to resolve the situation is preferable to ignoring anything.

Even in the case of social campaigns, following a responsible and transparent line rewards you. Your company, despite the mistake, will be perceived as authentic and reliable if you run for cover, reducing the risk of losing customers.

Each social campaign encompasses communication, marketing and your original idea. Always keep your goal and your audience in focus; the results will arrive sooner than you imagine.

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