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Could Facebook Become Paid? Shortly And For Purely Economic Reasons

For now, we only know that a Meta team is working on new forms of monetization on Facebook. Still, advertising alone has proved unsustainable for the company’s other services for the first time. Meta would be thinking of making some Facebook functions pay. It was revealed a few days ago by the contents of a memo intended for the staff leaked in the press before The Verge had directly from the company the confirmation of the existence of a working group – the New Monetization Experiences – appointed to design, in fact, ” new types of products, settings, experiences that people are eager and excited to pay for.

What Is (Really) Known About The New Paid Features

Little or nothing is yet known about what functions they could become paid for on Facebook and within how long. As for the second aspect, the promise made by Mark Zuckerberg in June 2022 should apply: the definitive transition to a paid model – or at least mainly paid – for Meta home services will not take place before 2024. Even the new working group supervisor would have reiterated that the time horizon for the entire operation of the paid functions is that of the next five years.

Users will have time, in short, to familiarize themselves with the idea that they may have to pay to use Facebook or at least for some of its functions. There are those who, like group administrators, have already done so: for some time, Facebook has introduced the possibility of making specific content accessible only to paying members. Even on WhatsApp Business, there is already the possibility to pay to be able to contact users directly via private messages. The news concerning the possibility of having Facebook for a fee, as it has been circulating in most of the newspapers these days, does not seem like a novelty: it had been in the air for some time, not to mention under everyone’s eyes.

At least one doubt, however, this new wave of attention for the future of paid Facebook seems to have dispelled it: contrary to what some rumors wanted, users will not be able to deliver to not see advertising on Facebook. He confirmed this, again speaking to The Verge, the supervisor of the new working group. The paid functions that will arrive on Facebook – but in all probability also on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger – will have, on the contrary, a much more practical purpose from the point of view of the company of improving the user experience, that is to add to the revenues, today less and less consistent than in the past, ads.

For The First Time, Meta Loses Advertising Revenue And Tries To Run For Cover

Advertising has always been the primary source of income for Facebook and, more generally, for Meta home services. However, things seem to be changing: in the second quarter of 2022, Meta recorded a drop in revenues for the first time, stopping at 28.8 billion dollars, much less than Wall Street forecasts. This is undoubtedly a net loss of just 1% compared to last year, but it has never happened before, as it has never happened before – and has caused debate in recent months – that Facebook has lost users.

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