Create A YouTube Link With A Timestamp – Here’s How To Do It

You can create YouTube links that will open the linked video at a specific time. You can find out how to do this here.

If you don’t want to share an entire YouTube video, but only a specific point, you can send a link with a timestamp – then the video will start exactly at the time you have specified.

  • Copy video link with time specification (only in browser)
  • Explanatory video
  • Insert time manually (also works in the app)

Copy video link with time information

  • Step 1: Open YouTube in a browser on your computer and select the video you want. Rewind to the time in the video to which you want to link, and pause it.
  • 2nd step: Then right-click on the video and select ” Copy video url at this point “. You can then paste and share the link using [Ctrl] + [V]

Insert time manually

  • Step 1: This method also works on the smartphone. Select the YouTube video you want and copy its URL. This works in the app via the share button. Then paste the URL anywhere, whether in a chat or an email.
  • 2nd step: Now it depends on the form of your link. If the link starts with this notation by default, then write the following directly after it, without spaces: -? T = Xs – The X stands for the seconds. If you want to start the video at 5 minutes, that’s 300 seconds. – ? t = XmYs – The X stands for the minutes and the Y for the seconds. The link could then look like this: T = 0m56s

However, if the link begins with, write the following directly after it: – & t = Xs – Replace the X with the seconds. 3 minutes would be 180 seconds. – & t = XmYs – You replace the X with the minutes and the Y with the seconds. The link could then look like this: & t = 56s

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