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Data Science And Freelancing: Revolutionizing The Digital Labor Market

Currently, the ability of companies and professionals in the Tech universe to adapt to changes and exploit the potential of innovation is a fundamental factor for all those who wish to increase or maintain their competitiveness. Understanding the changes in these new professions is key to anticipating talent shortages.

If we go into more detail and analyze trends, it is ‘easy’ to identify the rise of certain branches such as cloud environments or, above all, Data Science. Companies are aware that the economic mastodons of our era, the so-called GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), cement their power and stability in the exploitation of their data.

This does not go unnoticed by anyone. Therefore, more and more companies take care of your data and professions related to Data Science. In addition, they undergo a clear evolution, as we have seen in the latest Malt Tech Trends study, a report prepared with more than two million searches per year and 33 thousand profiles of freelance professionals on the Malt platform.

It is a dynamic that is clearly reflected with the example of Python, ranked both Spanish and European in the top 5 most demanded and continuously growing technologies, a fundamental programming language to extract value from data. Although the simplicity and versatility of this language, also used for Back-End developments, has undoubtedly collaborated in its current position.

we can see that other technologies related to Data Science such as Scikit, MATLAB and Haskell, are also in full swing with a variation, for example, of + 438% compared to last year in the case of Scikit. Other technologies such as TensorFlow are also growingThey reflect us that data science not only grows but also evolves towards complex Deep Learning techniques.

The great demand for these profiles, together with the shortage of highly qualified professionals capable of satisfying current needs, has caused a change in the work paradigm itself. More and more professionals are deciding to step into the freelance universe, choose their working conditions, their own salary or which projects are the most challenging for their skills.

At this point, it is clear that being your own boss does not mean not having schedules or doing what you want. Being a freelancer is representing your own brand. Each project reflects who you are as a professional. Therefore, independent workers are people in constant learning, professionals curious about the latest news in their sector and ways of working. Experts proud of their work, as indicated by the last survey on the freelance sector in 2019, according to which 95.5% of Tech profiles are freelance by their own choice.

The freelance sector has become this digital age in the booming workforce. A movement sustained and driven by digital platforms such as Malt, the main Freelance community with more than 20,000 profiles and based in other European countries such as France and Germany. This platform connects freelance experts with companies and its client portfolio includes both SMEs and startups and large IBEX 35 companies.

A success based on a package of comprehensive services for your entire freelance community: secure payments in less than 48 hours after the end of the project; insurance for each project of up to 9 million euros thanks to AXA; ease of having all your invoices in the same tool; a series of strategic partners in fundamental services such as consulting, banking, workspaces or training schools.

But if it stands out for something, it is the support of a team dedicated solely to this community, in charge of advising and advising them, before, during and after each project.

The platform works locally, so its freelance community bills in Spain. An initiative that aims to keep the market competitive, your experience and skills will be your best weapons. In addition, there will be the clients who contact you to propose a project, it is no longer that of constantly applying for offers with hundreds of candidates and the bid for the cheapest price.

Creating your profile is as simple as registering on its website and exposing your skills and experiences. The profile is your cover letter and resumes for companies. The more complete, the more opportunities to have a new project. If you have doubts, Malt organizes monthly webinars and meetings with tips and tricks to achieve the most attractive profile. In addition, their community team will try to contact you to get to know you and help you with whatever you need.