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Download The App To Solve Any PDF Problem For Free: PDFelement

Wondershare introduces PDFelement for iOS, a free application to create, edit, share, sign, and optimize PDF documents. PDF Documents are considered ideal for professional use. They are widely used worldwide, can be password protected, and are compact enough for easy sharing. However, the PDF format is also known for its poor editing flexibility, cross-platform compatibility issues, and difficulty in operating on the fly, wherever you are.

Initially, PDFs were created to be readable on any platform and with any program; the more we move towards a paperless world, the more expectations and demands regarding the PDF format increase. Editing text, filling out forms, and signing documents are fundamental functions. Fortunately, however, many applications have been developed to solve the problems of editing, management, and sharing on different platforms and devices.

PDFelement Is Available For Free In The App Store

Among the various apps that have come forward to offer a definitive solution to the use of PDFs on Apple mobile devices is PDFelement, a free product compatible with the iOS operating system and, therefore, installable on iPad and iPhone. Available on the App Store, after completing a quick registration and verification process, PDFelement gives you access to all features for editing PDF files.

PDFelement is very simple to install and use; from the start, you realize how the application can offer accurate and concrete solutions for PDF editing. This application allows you to create, edit, manage, and share PDFs from your Apple devices. As is the case with most apps, PDFelement’s features also appear more easily usable on the larger screen of the iPad, but they do not disappoint and are also influential on the iPhone, despite the limitations imposed by the device. Below we summarize the main features of PDFelement for iOS.

PDF Creation

The app cannot help create PDF documents in the most traditional sense of the word. For this specific need, it is possible to rely on the desktop version of PDFelement, which we presented some time ago: Review of PDFelement 6 Pro: a complete and accurate solution for PDF editing.

That said, the application designed for iOS devices brings into play the possibility of generating PDFs in a whole new, simple, and practical way. It is sufficient to grant access to the device’s camera to quickly generate files in PDF format by taking a photo of any paper document.

Furthermore, before saving, it is possible to use the cropping and editing functions to optimize the rendering of the “photographed” document. Complementing features found in popular photo-editing apps, PDFelement even comes with “filters” for changing colors. If necessary, just press a button to make the scanned document black and white. Such quick and convenient access to editing PDF documents is such a radical change that it will revolutionize your work.

Converting PDFs to other formats (including images) is also very easy.

PDF Editing

Despite being a free application, PDFelement for iOS allows you to edit and manage any PDF easily. Within a few minutes, without having to resort to complicated procedures, you can edit the text of any PDF document. The wide range of available functions allows you to alter font, style, color, and other text properties. PDFelement also provides all the tools characteristic of word processors: strikethrough, underline and highlight.

Professional Collaboration

An excellent driving force to improve your business are the various forms of collaboration and the analysis of feedback received from third parties: PDFelement was designed with this prominent aspect in mind. In addition to the editing functions, the app offers numerous collaboration tools. Press a button to add notes, highlight or underline text, and more. The freehand drawing feature adds interesting creativity and flexibility to collaborations.

Management Of PDF Documents

When working with different files and for different purposes, it is imperative to pay attention to the organization of the material. PDFelement is not lacking in this aspect either and helps optimize workflows better. The app’s creators have integrated a hierarchical folder management function into PDFelement, supporting dragging and dropping files. Both inserting folders and moving documents are simple.

Sign Essential Documents And Fill Out Forms Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest hurdles when working with PDFs is the difficulty of filling out and signing forms. Do you want to sign an important agreement or a new contract, but it is tedious to print the document, sign it by hand and then send it? PDFelement has the solution: Filling out interactive forms is as easy as editing text.

The app also allows you to sign documents very quickly, thanks to the function that allows you to photograph your signature, crop it, synchronize it with the device, and drag it to apply it to any document you want. Alternatively, you can draw your signature using the touch screen of your device and then drag it onto the document of interest.

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