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Edit PDFs And Even Turn Them Into Word Documents With Nuance Power PDF 2

You must use professional software to get excellent results in editing PDF and converting documents to Word format. We tested Nuance Power PDF 2 Advanced for you. Raise your hand if you have never found yourself needing to make changes, even important ones, to the content of a PDF document.

There are various software available on the Internet, even free, which allow you to intervene on PDF files in a more or less profound way. However, professionals and businesses need to turn to complete programs that allow you to edit PDFs directly and possibly convert them into Word format without any difficulty.

Nuance has recently presented the final version, in India, of Power PDF 2, a professional solution for editing PDF files, submitting those containing only images (for example, scans of paper pages) to optical character recognition (OCR), and converting PDF documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and so on.

One of the many strengths of Nuance Power PDF 2, which we particularly appreciated, is the ability to recognize the structure (layout) of the PDF document and create editable documents faithful to the original.

Edit PDF: Nuance Power PDF 2 Offers Many Tools

Power PDF 2 is not a PDF editing software intended for “casual users”: it is a tangible “toolbox” for those who always want to have the tools available to carry out any intervention. Power PDF 2 is a “trusted workmate” who will always be able to provide the correct answer to any need. Power PDF 2 offers all the enterprise-level features that business users need, combining ease of use, compatibility, and security.

In addition to the features already mentioned, the Nuance software allows you to create, convert, edit, merge, and securely share PDF documents. Those used to working with Office will “feel at home”: Power PDF 2 offers an intuitive and familiar interface for those using the Microsoft Office suite, a GUI optimized for use with convertible Windows 10-based 2-in-1s.

The program offers the convenience of navigating, taking notes, and writing using a tablet, notebook, pen, or fingers to increase users’ productivity in the Office or on the move. In the toolbar of Power PDF 2, for example, the touch mode button allows you to change the toolbar size and icons to facilitate use “at your fingertips.”

The main features of Power PDF 2 are contained in the Home tab. From left to right, you have a series of “gems” available to edit the PDF according to your needs. The tools for inserting, deleting, or extracting pages are also in other software, but Power PDF 2 makes it straightforward. Thanks also to the Document composition button, organizing the pages that make up the document by displaying them, with a series of thumbnails, on the same screen is possible. With a simple drag-and-drop operation, pages can be moved around easily, thus changing their order.

New pages to be added to the PDF document can be inserted from files or scanned (combining multiple documents is possible). The classic functions for rotating the document pages are then available; by clicking Advanced, however, you can call up a sort of batch procedure for automatically rotating specific pages. A handy tool in many situations is Typewriter, which allows, regardless of the structure of the PDF file, to insert text freely in any part of the document.

For example, the Typewriter button is handy when filling out forms (with unstructured PDF files to accept data entry via forms) or inserting additional texts quickly. The Reduce and Divide buttons allow for optimizing the PDF document by acting on its dimensions and splitting it into several files according to different criteria. Document optimization acts on all aspects that can affect the size of the PDF file:

  • Encoding
  • Elimination of redundant structures
  • Removal of unnecessary elements
  • Image compression
  • Fonts embedded in the file

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Make PDF File Content Searchable With Built-In OCR

Power PDF 2 integrates a powerful OCR engine that allows you to automatically recognize all the text contained in the images in the document. Imagine a PDF that cannot be edited because it contains only scans (in image format) of scanned documents. How to make the texts in the PDF document searchable? How to copy paste texts as you would in any word processor?

These are pervasive needs in most professional firms and businesses.

It is common to find yourself working with PDF documents containing only scans of pages whose texts cannot be reused. Power PDF 2’s Make PDF Searchable button offers a concrete, ready-to-use answer. By accessing the advanced settings window, you can limit Power PDF 2 interventions only to the PDF pages that contain images, confirm whether or not you want to keep the original image, automatically orient the pages – where necessary – and request a spelling check once the OCR scan is complete (to improve the quality of the final result further).

Power PDF 2’s OCR engine proved solid and accurate character recognition during our tests. The final PDF document, made “searchable,” contains no errors, or they are constrained.

Of course, a lot depends – in the case of images of paper documents scanned and saved as PDFs – on the quality of the scan, but Power PDF 2 offers results that, in many cases, are truly amazing.

Convert PDF To Word – One Of The “Jewel” Features Of Power PDF 2

Even if you have to deal with a PDF document with a “mixed layout” (with scrolling texts, titles, paragraphs, images, particular formatting, tables, indentations, and so on), Power PDF 2 “doesn’t scare you.” The Word document obtained by pressing the MS Word button on the toolbar will be very faithful to the original in PDF format, both in layout and contents.

The default settings already work well, allowing you to obtain professional cutting results.

The True Page layout inserts the elements that make up the page in boxes or frames, all of which can be modified in terms of content. At the same time, Concatenated Column removes the boxes, when possible, and uses columns, paragraphs, and margins to format the document.

Advanced Features For Editing PDF Files

Power PDF 2 also integrates various advanced tools: the versioning system is handy, allowing you to track all the changes made to the same document over time. By clicking on the Modify tab, you can instead intervene directly on the document and modify the selected areas of the

PDF with the appropriate tool (icon depicting a small arrow).

In the Advanced Processing section, you can find tools to activate batch procedures on PDFs, check the contents of specific folders, and activate a mechanism to automate repetitive operations (macros, Sequencer ). Furthermore, the functions for affixing digital signatures and verifying their validity (see also the article Digitally signing a PDF without using Acrobat ), which can be used from the Protection section, could not be missing.

Power PDF 2 also supports Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS) for activating DRM protection on the PDF document. In this way, it will be possible to lock confidential documents without a password and to protect them personalized according to predefined corporate policies for the sender and recipient. Finally, the Nuance program allows you to brilliantly manage the forms in PDF files and create new ones.

Integration with cloud storage services and document management systems greatly simplifies the opening and storage of PDF files on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and similar by reducing the number of operations to publish and share documents. Power PDF 2 also allows you to open and save files through the interface designed to communicate natively with platforms such as SharePoint, WorkSite, eDocs, NetDocuments, and Enterprise Connect.

In conclusion, Nuance Power PDF 2 stands out as an easy-to-use but, at the same time, versatile and complete solution for today’s professionals and companies. Nuance Power PDF Advanced two costs 169 euros, while the Standard version, available for individuals, home offices, and workgroups made up of a few people, is marketed for 99 euros.

The licensing costs are, therefore, absolutely affordable for any customer; moreover, when you no longer want to use the program on a computer, uninstall it thoroughly and reinstall it elsewhere with the same personal code.

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