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Fifteen Tools To Test Your Responsive Site: Think Google Mobile Friendly!

Having a responsive website has many advantages and is essential today. It can be displayed on all available media (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and even TV) and therefore is compatible. For this, before putting it online, you must analyze its responsive aspect using tools. Here are 15, tested and approved by our team!


This tool lets you preview your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and Android web pages. You can appreciate the resolution of your website in portrait mode but also landscape. Responsinator is easy to use since all you have to do is enter the URL address of your site in the bar to launch the test. You won’t get a 100% reliable result, but you can use it to make changes and improve your site’s graphics.

Responsive Web Design Checker

This instrument permitted designers to look at a site’s presentation on a cell phone. Then, at that point, Responsive Website Architecture Checker improved, which benefits the two designers and web clients. Its activity is straightforward: you enter the URL address of your site to get sneak peeks of the presentation on various media like Macbook, iPad, iPhone, Nexus7, Android, and so forth. You can likewise see the assortment on Android and the work area. You can make up to 5 solicitations in a short time for the sake of security.

Am I Responsive

With a lively and straightforward interface, this tool is practical for testing a responsive site online. By entering your URL address in the input field and clicking on Go, you benefit from a summary visualization of your website on four terminals: laptop, desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone. You don’t have a pixel-perfect result, but it’s enough for you to appreciate the graphical aspects of your work. It also offers you the advantage of being able to perform tests on addresses that are hosted locally.


To use this tool, you only need to enter your website’s URL address. You have the option of checking a local site or even online. With ResponsivePx, you can use controls to resize the height and width of the window. This helps you determine the exact pixel dimensions for the breakpoints. This information helps adjust your work as much as possible to have a sufficiently responsive design.

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Matt Kersley

This tool was designed by English web designer and developer Matt Kersley. The principle is as follows: enter the URL address of the site you want to test and get an overview of 5 different terminal formats. You can filter to determine only the width or height of the pages. Finding a free tool like Matt Kersley offers a 240-pixel design by default, is also rare.


Quirktools designed this web application. It helps you check if your site is compatible with different terminals, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV sets. It is an active service because you can perform resolution tests individually.

Fashion Design

Very efficient, Design Modo allows you to visualize your websites dynamically. After entering a URL, you can change the width of the page using the vertical bar. This helps you fully appreciate the performance of the responsive display. For more optimized use, it offers you 11 resolutions for tablets, 14 answers for smartphones, and 12 keys for laptops. You also have solutions available for desktop screens from 21 to 27 inches.

Responsive Testing Tool

This tool offers you various features. You get resolutions from multiple terminals after entering the site URL you want to test. You have 45 answers for smartphones, over 25 resolutions for tablets, and 12 resolutions for desktop screens. Responsive Testing Tool provides you with two solutions for TV screens. You can also customize the resolution by directly entering the desired dimensions and, thanks to an option, rotate the screen by 90°.

Responsive Design Demonstration

Demonstrating Responsive Design has a relatively sober interface. It is characterized by its practical features that allow you to check the display of your website. It provides a wide range of conventional formats for responsive testing. You can therefore limit the display of your site on a smartphone, tablet, or computer screen. You can take the test in landscape and portrait for smartphones and tablets. Demonstrating Responsive Design allows you to switch from one resolution to another quickly and easily.

Mobile Friendly Test

This tool is undoubtedly one of the easiest to access and use to check the responsiveness of your website. It was designed and approved by Google. To take advantage of it and have a relevant analysis of your interface, you need to enter your website’s URL address. Very appropriate, it tells you if your page is compatible with mobile devices and can identify the parameter of your site that is problematic for your responsive design.

Pixel Tuner

This stage was planned by a German designer named Jonathan. Easy to utilize, PixelTuner has a moderate plan. By and by, this product can show you if your site is viable with cell phones. Enter the site URL address you need to test to review the showcase with various configurations.


This apparatus, made in 2011, is planned for engineers who work in both coding and no-code. It has a highly compelling responsive testing highlight for sites. Its connection point is proficient and offers many decisions for goals. To do this, enter the URL address and snap “Check.” With BrowserStack, testing the similarity of your site on various terminals: cell phones, tablets, and PC screens is conceivable. Your site can be seen in picture or scene mode for cell phones. In like manner, the tests can be directed at late phones and more established models.

Website Responsive Testing

It is one of the most involved instruments for site-responsive testing. It permits you to look at the responsiveness of your site on various goals. The Site Responsive Test apparatus is likewise rapid. Upon entering your site URL in the info bar, it gives you over 15 arrangements to appreciate seeing on cell phones and tablets. Show that can be seen in both picture and scene.


This stage offers work crafted by engineers. It gives you every one of the devices to assist with making your site dynamic and responsive. You can perform tests to survey the showcase of your site with CrossBrowserTesting. Many goals are accessible for cell phones of various brands (Samsung, Apple, and so on) and tablets.

Viewport Resizer

Attractive and practical, Viewport Resizer has more than 700,000 clients across almost 200 nations. Because of it, you can view your sites’ presentations on various media. After entering your site’s URL, you test it on 31 goals for cell phones and 11 solutions for tablets. You can likewise show your site with six keys for television and PC screens. Considering everything, assuming you are searching for solid programming to test your site’s exhibition and route speed, you can browse our rundown!

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