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Five Must-See Websites For Linux Users

There are some websites that no user of the Linux operating system and its distributions should ignore. We present five of them. Starting to use Linux after years and years of experience on Windows can be inspiring and, at times, traumatic. Although some distributions (or ” distros “) of the operating system of the penguin (called Tux ) have a graphical interface very similar to that used by Microsoft (for example, Ubuntu ), there are some features that require more in-depth knowledge. Just think that it is necessary to operate from the command line to perform some operations. While fascinating, this could be difficult for those approaching the platform.


Those who approach Linux for the first time generally remain a bit bewildered by the incredible number of distributions present and end up relying on the most popular one (usually Ubuntu ) without experimenting with potentially more suitable solutions. In this case, the DistroWatch site intervenes, on which it is possible to find all the updates of the Linux versions and user reviews on each type of distro, both internal and external to the site.

There is also a particular ranking, through which it is possible to know which distribution has received the most attention in the last year or the previous months. In particular, every visit to the web page of each of them is recorded. While it’s not a reliable evaluation method – because it’s not based on quality – it’s still a way to learn about Linux versions we’ve never heard of before. To keep you up to date and informed, DistroWatch provides several links to podcasts, newsletters and guides on everything related to Linux.

Ubuntu Wiki Or ArchWiki

To find lots of other information and instructions on how the operating system works, you should visit ArchWiki, an online encyclopedia – Wikipedia- style – through which it is possible to identify the solution to each type of problem encountered. Unfortunately, the site is not for everyone, and it is necessary to have a good knowledge of Linux to understand the information contained therein. Furthermore, it is specifically dedicated to those who own the Arch distro, and it is essential to know the difference with other distributions. Ubuntu Wiki is not as developed, but you may find simple solutions to many common problems.


Among the many inconveniences that can happen to those who have little experience with Linux, there is finding themselves with a computer whose hardware components are not yet supported and on which it is not possible to install the operating system. To stay up to date and find out when the problem will be resolved, you can use the Phoronix website. Here are the constantly published updates of the kernel that allow you to use a specific component of your computer. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the performance of processors, graphics cards, and so on through a section of the site dedicated to benchmarks.

AppDB And ProtonDB

To run all programs developed for the Windows operating system, you can rely on Wine, even on Linux distributions. As the name suggests ( Wine Is Not an Emulator), it is not an accurate emulator, but only software that allows running programs to take advantage of specific Windows functions required to ensure its operation. However, not all applications work best on Linux, and it is beneficial to know in advance how effective Wine can be in this specific case.

To our rescue can come AppDB, a site on which it is possible to read users’ opinions, followed by a general evaluation of the performance of the program we would like to try. For example, if you want to buy and use video editing software, it is good to know which one works best on Wine, the comments and suggestions of the people who have tried it and, above all, what bugs have been detected.

If the goal is to play native Windows video games on Linux, then Proton is a software tool developed by Valve and is based on Wine. Its peculiarity is to integrate within Steam, which requires a compatible operating system for some titles. In this case, a counterpart to AppDB is ProtonDB, which provides a database of ratings and reviews of video games run through Proton.


To stay on the subject of video games, you can visit GamingOnLinux, where you will find a series of news and valuable information relating to gaming on the Linux platform. You will be able to read all the news regarding the native titles for Tux and their updates and be informed of the possibility of running some titles for Windows through Wine or Proton. Suppose this is your first experience with the penguin operating system.

In that case, GamingOnLinux also allows you to consult statistics that illustrate which Linux distribution is the most popular within the community, which hardware features the machines use and which drivers can return. Useful. Furthermore, if you are looking for free video games, the site allows you to access a dedicated list and apply a filter by genre. For example, you may decide to only search for games whose software is open-source to test your skills as a developer.

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