Free Management Software: Is It Worth It?

You have recently opened your business, and the idea of ​​relying on free management software seems tempting and advantageous to save in the first moment. But will it also be a good choice for the long haul if your business grows and expands?

To answer this question, concentrate and evaluate three aspects to choose good management software.

Here Are The 3 Aspects To Choose Good Management Software


Free management software is not copyrighted and is developed by programmers from all over the world. Software of this type can be used without a sales and assistance contract, but this does not mean that they are free from malfunctions.

A proprietary ERP management software, as the word implies, is the exclusive property of the company that develops it. It will be the manufacturing company to worry about malfunctions and keep everything efficient.


Does free management software guarantee lasting security?

What is the element to consider to be sure of advanced protection also for the software? The presence of updates.

When choosing the management software, it is good to rely on a company that constantly develops and invests in updating software solutions.

Training And Assistance

Proprietary software solutions have different cost items:

  • License costs for use;
  • Basic hardware and software infrastructure costs. The central server, operating system, database licenses…;
  • initial services and any customization developments.

Free software solutions do not have the same costs, but in the long run, they will have expenses due to:

  • Staff training;
  • Dedicated assistance and support;
  • Lack of timely updates with the legislative provisions.

It is undeniable that free software solutions will save you a lot at the first moment. Still, there must be technical knowledge within the company staff to manage all the necessary configurations, assistance and maintenance.

The management software distributed professionally thinks about the future and the business growth of each activity. The software house partners will be the first to take care of maintenance, security, user training, assistance, and customization according to needs.

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