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GenYouTube – Download & Save The Videos From Youtube | GenYT

GenYouTube is considered one of the most popular and trending platforms for entertainment and learning the different types of content. It is nothing but YouTube, where people can learn other streaming things and provides millions of learning hours each month. It is also called an online extension app and has another name called an add-on application for iOS and Android.

It helps to download the content from Youtube irrespective of its length, duration, and creator. A person need not wait hours together to download the content because it is effortless and quick to download any content from GenYouTube.

Because of its easy access, many people are using YouTube, and it is safe to use this application. Using this genYouTube is always reliable, and genYT and GenYouTube are the saviours. GenYouTube is a downloading application which helps to download and save the videos from popular platforms such as YouTube, tiktok, Dailymotion and Vimeo on demand.

This application was created for public use and allows downloading the content from YouTube by clicking on them on the download icon. Users download the content, and it starts downloading, so there is no need to click over and over again on the download button for the content to download.

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Let us know about GenYouTube

GenYoutube is nothing, but it is an application which helps in downloading or watching the content online like entertainment videos or any other videos with the highest resolution from YouTube and TikTok. It is possible to set the video resolution of your precise size of the video and download it even 4K. GenYouTube also provides options like auto next streaming, volume getting control, volume getting, and pop-up actions.

So, these are the duties done by GenYouTube to the people.

  • Main features of gen youtube
  • GenYouTube allows the user to download the videos from its application.
  • It helps in downloading the conference recordings from ccc.de.
  • It has control gesture volume.
  • Cloud music download is available on GenYouTube.
  • The users of subscriptions can be imported.
  • There is a facility for downloading the tikTok videos.
  • The user can easily download the 4k videos in high-quality audio.
  • The streaming content is available continuously on genYouTube.

YouTube offers everybody with a simple interface to YouTube. You can download any file from GenYouTube with just one click option. The user can download the video or audio from Gen YouTube along with MP3 or MP4 for offline usage.

GenYouTube is an easy way of using the application on your PC

GenYouTube is an application which is used by most people for downloading movies and other content also. Because genYouTube downloader has easy options to access the application and to use this application, many people are eagerly waiting for the movies to be uploaded on gen YouTube. And also, music lovers have a good number of song files on gen YouTube with MP3. So, by using one application, you can easily download several contents.

Supportive formats of GenYouTube

Genyt supports many quality files as export. For example, on YouTube, if you want to download any content like audio or video, it provides the formats. The listed below forms are provided by GenYouTube.

  • WEMBM: It helps after downloading from the browser only.
  • M4A: This is for ringtones or phone clips.
  • MP4: It supports all the music players, which are alternatives to Gen YouTube.

Downloading videos from gen YouTube is legal or not?

Accessing YouTube externally and programming to download the content from YouTube is an offence and is strictly not allowed. This is considered an illegal activity and can be punished by the YouTube policy. So, as a result, downloading the content from YouTube using genYouTube downloader is also against the law.

As you all know, downloading a video on YouTube or watching the content on YouTube is 100% legal and not a punishable offence. But downloading YouTube videos using an illegal source like gen youtube downloader is unlawful. So, downloading the content through gen YouTube downloader is considered an unlawful activity which is an offence. We advise our viewers not to participate in such illegal activities.

Categories available on GenYouTube video

GenYoutube video has different varieties of categories. Some of them are listed below.

  • Entertainment
  • Comedy
  • Travel and event
  • Education
  • Music
  • Funny videos
  • Animation
  • Film
  • News and politics
  • Nonprofits and activism
  • Science and technology
  • Trailers
  • Shows
  • Movies
  • How to and style
  • Cartoons

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Steps to download GenYouTube in androids

Below are simple steps to download the genYouTube application on Android devices.

  • First, you need to go to the Google Play Store.
  • Now you have to search for the genYouTube app and tap on the download button to download the application.
  • After clicking on the download button, you will be redirected to the download page, where you can find the options for downloading the APK files that you can install from the Play Store.
  • Now tap on Download APK.
  • Again, you must tap on download to save the file on your device and install it.

Alternatives of GenYouTube

Some of the alternatives of GenYouTube are mentioned below.

  • Videograbby.com
  • Converto.io
  • Clipconverter.cc
  • Convert2mp3s.net
  • Online l Video Converter
  • 2 conv.com
  • yt 1s.com
  • y2mate.com
  • About Genyt.Net

This is a famous downloading app that helps save the downloaded videos from YouTube in a web-based format. Genyt app is one of the most trending applications most people use to download videos fast or quickly.

How does Genyt use for extension Google Chrome?

  1. First, you need to open the Google Chrome internet browser.
  2. After that, you can view Tamper monkey on Google Store on the Google web store.
  3. Now you have to click on the option add extensions for Chrome so that you can add enhancements to Chrome.
  4. Then the download button showing GenYT will appear in front of you.

Following the procedure, you can download the videos or movies from the application.

Concluding Genyoutube

GenYouTube is the best tool for downloading videos, songs, audio files, etc. But it is unsafe to use the gen YouTube application because it is not legal, and most of its sites consist of illegally uploaded content. So, keeping this in mind, we recommend our readers not to use legitimate tools for downloading content from the internet.

Before putting houses at risk, let’s not go the risk, so please share the article with all your friends, family members, and colleagues. We hope you have some information about the gen YouTube application and remain in your hands to use it properly and safely.


1. GenYouTube a legal or illegal website?

It is a 100% illegal website that helps users download content from YouTube illegally.

2. How can I use gen YouTube?

It is very simple to download the application and use the application. You have to copy and paste the link on the YouTube video URL into the search box and press the enter button so that you are directed to the video downloading page, where you can have a preview.

3. How can I clear the download source on genYouTube?

You can directly go to the browser’s cache and clear it, or you can restart it and refresh the page repeatedly again and again.

4. Is GenYouTube a virus-free application?

No, not at all. It is not a virus-free application. It is an illegal website, and you may be affected by malware at any time.

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