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Google Assistant Guide: What Is It, How To Use It, Tips And Tricks

Attendees are increasingly important in our day to day, when they arrived it seemed unlikely that a computer-based on zeros and some could give us the solution to so many questions and carry out so many functions but little by little the Google assistant has shown us that it’s possible. Even if you use Google Assistant on a daily basis, surely some of the tricks that we show you had gone unnoticed by you.

Beyond the artificial intelligence that gives it life or a large amount of information it obtains from the search engine or the Internet, this assistant has tools for each situation, moment or need and we want to show you the best ones.

Google Assistant And Its Infinity Of Tricks

On more than one occasion we have discussed the possibilities of the Google assistant, as we could see recently Google Assistant can also make the shopping list And within this function, there are several options that make it easier to take advantage of it.

With its wide range of functions, it does not stop expanding the list of options and no matter how attentive we stay to the news on technology, there is always an answer that gets out of hand.

1. Google Assistant Tells You Your Exact Position

One of the most unnoticed functions of Google Assistant can be that of position, but it can be very useful for us. We just have to say:

Okay, Google, where am I?

Showing us on a small map of our location. If we touch on the map it will give us a more precise indication when going to the Google Maps application.

2. Play Music On Spotify

The Google assistant also likes music and its compatibility with Spotify gives us many possibilities. We will only have to use the voice to get the most out of it and that is that the extensive database with the music of all styles in Spotify is integrated together with the assistant to make it very easy.

Okay Google, put on Spotify …

After having done this process for the first time, the wizard will show us a notification where it will offer us a better integration, for example, to be able to reproduce our Spotify lists. This union can be very useful to take advantage of it for example when we go in the car.

3. Recognizes A Song

The rhythm does not stop with Google Assistant because, in addition to reproducing what we want, it can also give us information about the songs that are playing around us. This function is not new on mobiles since there are other apps that offer it to us, but in this case, we don’t need to download anything.

Okay Google, what song is playing?

It rarely fails and its response time is very fast. From the message that it shows us, we can also open it in Spotify to save it in our favourites list.

4. Make Google Sing To You

If our assistant on the mobile can detect songs or put songs because it would not be able to sing them in addition. The developers of Google have integrated different songs in the assistant that can make us laugh and have a good time. Using it is just as easy as the other options:

Okay Google, sing me a song.

It will immediately start playing it and if we repeat it again it will alternate it among other options. We can also request a specific song once we know them. This can be a lot of fun for the children and will invite them to sing along with the assistant.

5. Time With Just One Sentence

Google Assistant has a close relationship with the meteorology service and that is why it integrates a series of predictions that in our opinion tend to be correct. Just by saying:

Okay, Google, what will the weather be like tomorrow?

It will tell us the expected time for our location but if we want to multiply the options we can also ask about the time in other places in our country or in any area of ​​the world.

In case we have planned a weekend getaway, we can also consult the weather for that specific date, although we should not extend it too far in time or you will not know how to answer them.

6. Make Raffles With Google Assistant

The assistant can from singing to giving us information and because he would not be able to also carry out a draw. A service that may seem complicated to us and sometimes we do not know how to do it with a friend or family and to our surprise, it is integrated into our mobile.

Okay Google, flip a coin.

When we say this, it will launch that we can see ourselves on the mobile screen and will result in heads or tails. If we thought of a somewhat more complex draw it also has a solution.

Okay Google, I draw a number from 1 to 10.

Then he will draw a ball with a number between the numbers that we have told him. The complications are over, our mobile and specifically the assistant can do everything for us.

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