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Google Interactive Whiteboard To Discuss Projects And Objectives

What it is and how it works Jamboard, the digital whiteboard also available as an app for Android and iOS and a web application usable from a browser. Among the less-known services of Google, but indeed no less helpful than others, there is Jamboard. It is a modern interactive whiteboard distributed as an application and web service that any device can use and as (expensive) hardware in its own right.

The Google interactive whiteboard to be used in the company costs 5,000 dollars (it is a 55-inch 4K multitouch screen capable of supporting up to 16 simultaneous “touches”). The staff of a company, professionals, collaborators, the busy teams on the same projects can still use Jamboard for free by installing the app for Android ( downloadable by clicking here ) and iOS ( download from here ) or by using the web application.

The Jamboard digital whiteboard, distributed in the form of an installable app and web application, can be used in the company as a platform for presenting a new project, for brainstorming, for sharing ideas and objectives of an initiative but also in educational activities to involve students more effectively and encourage more lively participation.

Jamboard allows you to go beyond the physical limits of the meeting room or a classroom: once launched on your mobile device, you can interact with the interactive whiteboard from tablets, smartphones, 2-in-1 convertibles, notebooks and PCs, wherever you are. For example, connect to this page from a PC, click on the “+” button at the bottom right and create a new digital whiteboard.

You will access the classic Google Drive sharing mechanism by clicking on the Share button.

By default, the interactive whiteboard can only be accessed by the user who requested its creation. By clicking on Change and then selecting Active – Anyone with the Link, it is possible to make the digital whiteboard accessible to anyone in possession of the URL shown in the Link to share field.

On the other hand, if you want to share the Jamboard whiteboard only with those possessing a Google user account (authentication will be required), indicate their email address in the Invite people section. By acting on the button depicting a pencil, you can specify whether the invited users are only authorized to view the interactive whiteboard or can change it.

Connecting via videoconference or making a regular voice call to multiple participants, launching Jamboard via app or web application, sharing the whiteboard and making changes in real-time will be possible. The Google smart board offers on the left all the tools for interacting with the digital whiteboard: you can use a pen (by clicking on the icon a second time, you can change the size and type of enclosure as well as the color of the ink), the eraser, add sticky notes (“post-it”) and pictures.

The last button at the bottom ( Laser ) allows you to activate a helpful laser pointer for calling the participants’ attention to one or more elements added to the whiteboard. Each blackboard can be made up of several sheets called frames. To add new ones or possibly remove those already present, click on the top of the screen ( Expand frame bar ) and use the “+” buttons. All changes made “in progress” on the interactive whiteboard will be instantly visible to other users participating in the meeting.

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