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Here Is How To Create Or Delete An Account On Telegram

Communication is one of the main advantages offered by smartphones and among all the methods we have to do this we find the Telegram application. The app competes directly with WhatsApp and offers us an alternative to the classic messaging application with many added functions and options that are much better. On this occasion, we want to show you how you can create an account and then we will teach you how to delete it if necessary.

Not everyone has the same level of knowledge and although many do not need to follow some simple steps, there are users who are not as familiar with technology or messaging applications. So that we can all have access to the advantages of Telegram, we will explain it step by step so that it is easy to carry out.

How To Create A Telegram Account?

To start creating our Telegram account we need to download the application on our Android mobile or iOS. In both cases, we will be able to download it respectively from google play or from the App Store. An application that occupies the top positions in terms of downloads.

After having downloaded it, it will be installed automatically like any other app and we will only have to open it to start with the necessary steps before we can use it.

New User On Telegram

Unlike what happens with WhatsApp, Telegram is based on users and for this reason, we find some differences when using the application. First of all, we will have to give permissions so that Telegram can identify our phone number and thus facilitate the steps or add them manually.

Then a message will be sent to us at no cost where there will be a code to configure our identity and phone number. After having entered it, we only have to click on the lower arrow to continue to the next step.

Enter Your First And Last Name

Now it is the turn to create our profile, which will be linked to the phone number we have used and how the rest of the user will be able to see us. The first name is mandatory but the last name is optional.

Then it is the turn of the photograph that if in this case, we do not want to add it, we can leave it and configure it later. We will touch the lower right arrow and we will already be inside Telegram where it will ask us for access to our contacts in order to start talking to them.

How To Protect The Telegram Account?

Security is very important to Telegram, that’s why it adds a very useful security method. This is to prevent anyone from accessing our account with another phone since, as we have said previously, only with one user and having access to our mobile to get the code, it would be possible for them to see all our conversations.

We can avoid it by going to Settings> Privacy and security and then touch verification in two steps. This will add a security password that only we will know. When accessing it, it will first ask us for the password, but it will also give us the option of adding a hint in case we forget the password at any time. As a last measure, it will ask us for the email so that in case of an emergency we do not lose access.

How To Delete The Telegram Account?

In the event that the Telegram application is not to our liking or it is not useful for us to use it, we can delete the account by following a series of steps. To start we have to access the application on our mobile and we will touch in the upper right part so that the options menu is displayed.

  • The first thing we will do is enter settings.
  • Then we go to the section called privacy and security.
  • Later we choose the option “Delete my account if I am away”
  • Then we will choose the time we want.

As you can see, in Telegram we do not have the option to delete our account immediately and we have to wait at least 1 month for it to take effect. After this time without accessing the application on the mobile or on the computer, alone and without having to do anything else, our user will be deleted.

If at some point we want to return we just have to repeat the steps that we taught you at the beginning although, we will no longer have access to the conversations or multimedia content and everything will be like starting again.

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