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How Does Google Function?

Today we will talk about how the Google search engine works and what happens when we enter a word to search for and press the legendary enter button on the keyboard. Have you ever wondered how Google works? When we write a word in the Google search field and press enter, what happens to it?

The Matching

Technically, the first step can be called “Matching”, managed by software that can take the words typed and search for them on the “World Wide Web”. This software can do this because it has a copy of all these sites and can search for the word you type within the areas. Let’s take the classic example of the library: suppose we enter an extensive library and ask the librarian for a book on computers. The kind librarian will go in search and bring us all the books about computers.

The Meaning

The second step is called ” Meaning, the meaning of our research”. The software is associated with a “Machine learning” algorithm, an algorithm that automatically learns ways to select the best results among all those existing. In this way, we are presented higher on the Google screen, reaching the final stage, called in about 0.5 seconds on average CRAZY. The whole Google index is opened to us through a very long series of contents that can be of various types, which can answer the question we initially asked. The crazy thing is that in 89% of cases, Google gives us precisely what we are looking for as if it were a human being who recommended the content.

How The Search Algorithm Works

The learning mechanism of the system, called the ” Search Algorithm “, is also supported by human feed-backs, that is, people called ” Search quality rates” by experts who are not employees of Google who are employed precisely to evaluate the quality of searches and then provide Google with feeds -backs which Google will then implement. Technically, their evaluation of research is mainly based on three characteristics:

  • Authority
  • Competence
  • Reliability

This means that today a site with these three characteristics is much more likely to appear at the top of searches. This is not enough. There is the SEO part.

Data Centers: What Are They, And What Are They For?

Up to here, we have seen the software part. Presently how about we continue toward the equipment part? The ” Data centers “, data processing and storage centers, think that Google stores and collects all the information and has giant buildings that house millions of servers. A Data Center makes a constantly updated copy of the entire web, divided into small parts, and each element is stored in a server. A Data Center is a massive puzzle of the whole web, and all the servers present work together. In its small part of the web. When our research arrives in a Data Center, it is processed by the specific server that contains the part of the web that interests us.

Google Searches For Data Centers: How Does It Work?

Ok… at this point, everything is clear. But how does our request reach these buildings? It arrives via fiber cables placed under the sea to send signals to the other side of the world at astonishing speeds. Suppose you enter a request in Google and press enter. Many think the request is sent to America, processed by Google’s servers, and returned to us with the result. Technically all this would be possible, but if you think about it, the response times would be very long if all the requests must.

Google Searches: Which Data Center Responds?

Our request is sent to the nearest data center, which processes the data and sends us the complete index of the result of our request. In this way, the response speed is very high. Think that Google owns 22 data centers around the world and others by other Google partner companies.

  • 16 data centers in North America;
  • 3 in South America;
  • 8 in Europe;
  • 34 in Asia;
  • 1 in Italy in Milan in partnership with Tim.

Data Center And Environmental Pollution: Data And Consumption

If you think about it, all this whirlwind of information and data implies an immense energy expenditure in data centers. I believe that the cost of all companies that have data centers, “therefore not only those of Google”, use about 1% of the world’s electricity or 200 Terawatts per hour according to a study published some time ago by the Nation. Again thanks to this study, data centers contribute about 0.3% of carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, the entire high city (ICT) system, that is, information and technological communication contribute to 2% of the total emissions value. of co2. For this reason, data centers are trying to achieve total independence from energy from fossil fuels by 2030.

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