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How Does The Cell Phone Location Work?

A location is a method to determine an object’s position and draw conclusions about the whereabouts of one or more people.

There are many reasons to locate a cell phone. Perhaps it was stolen, lost through your fault, or belongs to a temporarily missing person. Sometimes there are also professional reasons to locate a cell phone. However, you no longer need an expensive cell phone because every device can be found via the GSM cellular network. The location also works when the cell phone in question is in a building.

Option 1: How to find out the location with the mobile phone number

To be able to locate the cell phone, you first need the cell phone number. With the variant of the first choice, the cell phone’s location is queried via GPS – it is entirely irrelevant which cell phone it is.

Option 2: locate the mobile phone with an app

Another way to locate a cell phone is to use a corresponding app. Every cell phone has a GPS receiver that reads out the model’s data. It is now possible to find the model in question using a corresponding app. Every provider, both Android and Apple, has a corresponding app in their app store.

Social media apps are also to a certain extent suitable for locating a cell phone:

Whatsapp: WhatsApp is a top-rated messaging service and has over a billion users worldwide. Many users appreciate this service because of its versatility. The range of emoticons is extensive, and photos, videos, and voice messages can be exchanged. With WhatsApp, it is also possible to locate someone else’s location. The location can be shared not only with one person but also in group chat. To do this, display the respective call history and select the option “Send location.” Now your GPS comes into play: It determines the whereabouts and shows it on a corresponding map. This form of location is only possible if your chat partner agrees and is not suitable for looking for a stolen cell phone, for example.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social networks – and also makes it possible to locate a cell phone. On Facebook, it is even common to include your location when a message is sent. Of course, the relevant settings can be changed in the Facebook menu. If the message recipient has activated their GPS, all you have to do is click in the message field to find out where the other person is.

But be careful. There are now enough ways to manipulate your location. Some apps specialize in giving the other a wrong place. So you shouldn’t automatically assume truthful information from people you don’t know well. Incorrect information can also be made with an Internet browser. With Firefox, this works, for example, via the GEO coordinates.

Can a switched-off cell phone be located?

First of all, it is better if the cell phone is switched on. Once a cell phone is off, it usually stops sending and receiving signals. However, there are ways and means of taking action to find out where you are. However, it is essential to find out about the legal provisions in advance.

Appropriate software can, for example, prevent the connection to the mobile network from being disconnected. So it is still possible to localize the cell phone. However, this software is out of the question for private individuals, making them liable to prosecution. Secret services or criminologists only use it to keep an eye on criminals. A legal variant is to query the last location via Google with the Google timeline. With a bit of luck, the recipient in question may still be at that location.

How can I prevent cell phone location myself?

If you don’t want your phone to be located, you have several options. Either you do not carry your cell phone with you, activate a so-called GSM / LTE blocker – this prevents the electronic signals from passing through – or you remove the battery, but in this case, you cannot use the cell phone yourself.

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