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How Much Data Does A YouTube Video Consume?

One of the most popular applications for consuming multimedia content is YouTube, many people use it almost more than television itself and that is that we find hours and hours of entertainment for free. Although not everything is positive because the app can make us spend our data rate if it is not too broad and we do not take into account all the factors.

Data Consumption On YouTube

A few years ago, it seemed improbable to be able to watch a YouTube video anywhere in the world, due to both the small screens of mobile phones and the limitations of the Internet. Thanks to the development that technology has undergone, this has become simple.

Even so, we have not reached the turning point where we forget about mobile rates and we have to take into account from the place, to the quality of reproduction and our rate. We give you the keys so that your data is always under control.

Data Consumed According To Video Resolution

When using YouTube, we see an option from which we can modify the resolution of the video, a very important aspect that will improve or worsen the image quality. The downside is that this comes together with higher consumption of data.

Luckily for us, YouTube is able to automatically adapt the resolution for times when our connection is not the best, but the same does not happen automatically when we have a reduced data rate. So before making changes you should know what is the consumption of the videos for each hour and then we can make calculations.

  • Consumption in 144p resolution per hour:

When we play a video at the lowest possible quality, the consumption of anyone video for one hour is reduced to 114 MB.

  • Consumption in 240p resolution per hour:

In this resolution, the results are somewhat better but they will still be very poor, raising consumption to 162 MB.

  • Consumption in 360p resolution per hour:

With a quality of 360 pixels, we will be able to see details of the video and keep our consumption very limited up to 264 MB.

  • Consumption in 480p resolution per hour:

The resolution that we recommend the most is 480p because we achieve acceptable results for any video and we continue to limit it to 462 MB.

  • 720p resolution consumption per hour:

The ideal option if we have a broader rate would be this because with an entire hour of online playback we are going to consume 870 MB, which is high but it must be taken into account that it is one hour.

  • Consumption in 1080p resolution per hour:

From FullHD the consumption shoots up to 1597 MB, which would be a good option if we only see one video throughout the month, but a great consumption in the long run.

How Much Data Do You Need In Your Rate?

Taking into account the results we have seen and controlling the reproduction time we do on Youtube With mobile data, we will be able to know what rate we need.

In case we make a daily consumption of about half an hour on YouTube at the recommended resolution of 480p, we will need a 7 GB mobile data rate.

This data can be extrapolated to the hours we consume on a daily basis, multiplying by the time we consume YouTube.

The Method For Not Spending Too Much Mega On YouTube

YouTube knows about our needs and that is why in the YouTube application itself it integrates an option that we can activate so that when we are out of the WiFi network, we do not spend all our data.

We just have to enter the app for both Android and iOS and go to the settings section just by tapping on our profile picture. We will enter Settings> General> Limit mobile data. With these simple changes, we manage to limit the resolution to 720p when playing videos outside the WiFi network, which can save us more than a scare.

Download Videos To Avoid Consuming Data

In case we have a scheduled trip and during the same we want to see a pending video, what we can do is download it with some of the many free online tools that are available. In this way, our rate will not be resented and we can enjoy our favourite content.

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