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How Secure Is Your Smartwatch?

Among all the gadgets that we can use in day-to-day smartwatches or also known as smartwatches, they are the ones that collect the most data about our movements. This means that many users have put their sights on their security and privacy to know if they really are safe. With the intention of clarifying all the doubts or we are going to do a review on what we must take into account in this aspect.

Although it is true that the data must somehow be on the watch, the truth is that this device is not comparable to mobile phones, so far no security scandal has been uncovered and this makes us remain calmer. For now, we assure you that it is safe and does not entail any risk to carry the smartwatch with us, but we want to delve further into the subject.

Security On Smartwatches In Doubt

The data collected by these watches is treated with the utmost care by the manufacturers, all of them have had to adapt to a series of laws imposed by the European Union that prevent them from making undesirable use of everything they collect.

In addition, we must know that our smartwatch does not really store data always if we do not connect it to our mobile phone at least once every month, we could lose its data by not having such a large memory. What makes us feel calm in case of losing the watch in any way.

Data Is Increasingly Important

In recent times, legal changes have caused companies like Google or even Apple to adapt their policies to protect users. After the scandalous of Facebook, the companies have decided to protect themselves to avoid situations like the one that the great social network found itself in.

Users themselves are the ones who demand these security measures through the tools offered to them. Among the latest and most popular we find in the two-step verification that ensures that no one will be able to enter to consult our data even having the password and email. Little by little, we will see how security is greater in technology and its union is more important.

Vulnerabilities Of Smartwatches

Although as we have been able to see our smartwatches and their information is safe, there may be other circumstances. We are never totally safe and unfortunately, in many cases, this does not always depend on us, for this reason, we review the possible vulnerabilities with which we can find ourselves.

  • Encryption and file transfer: From the moment our data passes from our mobile to the servers where they are stored, encryption is necessary. Large companies tend to opt for the best since user information is at stake, but a computer failure can compromise data.
  • Unsafe authentication: Previously we have seen how it is increasingly common to find two-step verification so that nobody can use our accounts without having access to the mobile that works as an extra key. However, not many companies linked to smartwatches offer this security measure that can jeopardize our data.
  • Dangerous applications: The apps that we use to transfer the data on our watch are totally safe and validated, but our mobile phone is not always safe, however. We can allow access to applications malicious files that managed to reach the clock app and get all the data.
  • Unsafe Internet Connections: On more than one occasion we have discussed it but it is also important in the process of using our smartwatch. It is not recommended to carry out several processes where the information of our watch is in danger while we connect to networks Wifi public. The security of this network can be questionable and create a problem for us.

How To Protect The Information On The Smartwatch?

The few measurements that users can carry out with our watch are basic. Among them some we have already discussed, such as connecting to secure networks when we are going to synchronize data or opt for our mobile data rate.

We also recommend not accepting unknown access on the watch, anyone could try to pair their mobile with our watch to have access, this is usually not allowed if our mobile is already synchronized but there are many possibilities.

Also remember that the access data to our accounts are private and providing them could make a serious mistake. With our access key to the smartwatch app they could erase all our progress or misuse them. For this reason, it is also not recommended to always use the same password on multiple websites or apps.