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How To Activate Notifications On Instagram In 3 Minutes

Do we have to explain what a notification is?

You now get over a hundred of them a day on your various devices, and they are one of the first things you look at in the morning. These notifications entered our lives in just a few short years but are now our daily lives, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

These can even be so intrusive and distract us from the tasks we are doing that some people deactivate them en masse or for several hours during the day so as not to be disturbed.

And yet, if you want to be successful on Instagram and read some of our other posts, you will understand that it is essential to know what is happening on your Instagram app and respond to your community. It is, therefore, necessary to have your notifications activated. The question is: how do you start alarms on Instagram?

We will give you the answer to this question in the rest of this article, but know that if you have a project to develop your Instagram account, we are here to support you.

Why activate Instagram notifications?

Enabling Instagram notifications is essential for tracking your community and engaging with your followers. Whether it’s as a brand or a personality, you need to be alerted when you are mentioned, someone comments on your post, reacted to your story, or receive a DM.

These are essential elements of the social network, and the more regularly and quickly you respond to these responses, the more your community will be engaged and grow. So remember to activate Instagram notifications.

Whether it is Instagram message notifications, Like notifications or Live, they can all be useful to you.

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How to activate Instagram notifications in 3 minutes?

The time needed: 3 minutes.

Instagram gives us a lot of different notification settings. You can enable or disable “likes” notifications, comment notifications, DM notifications, and more, depending on your needs. We recommend that you activate them all, so you don’t miss a thing.

If you are not receiving any notifications from Instagram, you have likely turned off the notification setting. Here’s how to enable or change Instagram notifications :

1. Open your Instagram account

  • Open your Instagram account and go to your profile by pressing your profile button at the bottom right.

2. Tap the Settings option

  • Click the Settings option on Instagram by tapping the three-bar icon on the profile screen.
  • Then click on the “Notifications” section.

3. Disable the Pause option for all notifications

  • Under “Notifications”, you will see the Pause setting for all notifications and all other settings.
  • You need to make sure that it is disabled because if this option is enabled, you will not receive notifications from Instagram.

4. Examine the other notification settings

  • Then examine each setting one by one. If there is an Instagram notification setting that you specifically want to turn off, you can turn it off.

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5. Make sure all notification settings are enabled

  • If you want to receive all Instagram notifications, check in the settings you have enabled Instagram notifications for all actions.
  • Now you know how to turn on notifications on Instagram, but to make sure you receive your Instagram notifications, do not disturb mode.

To turn off “Do not disturb” mode on the iPhone

  • If you have an iPhone, go to your phone’s settings, find ‘Do not disturb mode, and then tap it.
  • Disable this mode if it is enabled and at the bottom of the “Do not disturb” option.
  • You will see the “Scheduled” option; turn that off too.

To deactivate the “Do not disturb” mode on Android

  • If you have an Android phone, go to your phone’s settings and then find the “Sound” section.
  • Touch the “Sound” part, then the “Do not disturb” option.
  • Make sure this mode is turned off.

If you want to turn off your Instagram notifications

If, on the other hand, you no longer wish to receive notifications from Instagram, you can perform the same operations as detailed above to deactivate Instagram notifications .

Or you can also turn them off from your iPhone or Android settings.

To turn off Instagram iPhone notifications

  • Go to your phone’s settings and tap on the “Notifications” section.
  • Scroll down and find the Instagram app.
  • Tap Instagram and turn off the “Enable Allowed Notifications” option.

You will find that you can also change the look of your notifications if you want to change their style. You can re-enable iPhone Instagram notifications at any time.

To turn off Android Instagram notifications

  • Open your Android mobile device’s settings and tap on apps and notifications settings.
  • Then go to the “Installed Applications” section. Find Instagram in Installed apps and select it.
  • Press the “Notifications” button.
  • Disable the “Show notifications” option.

As with the iPhone, you can reactivate your Instagram notifications at any time.

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