How To Become An Ad Graphic Expert

Who knows how often you have heard of the job of advertising graphic designer or better graphic designer as today, in the era of digital communication, this professional figure is called.

Yes, because despite being a job profile that still raises some doubts today, advertising and graphic design are pivotal in digital communication and brand communication.

The Qualities Of An Advertising Graphic

The graphic designer combines colors, shapes, images, and lettering to create a harmonious whole that communicates and gives the correct message based on the input received from the customer or contact person. But do we know the steps and the magic words through which the graphic designer moves to start a job? Indeed a good graphic designer is an excellent observer and a curious one of life in all its forms and representations.

Those who want to undertake this profession must be aware of always having to study and update themselves. Secondly, but not least, the graphic designer must have good listening skills. The advertising graphic designer must be able to intercept what desires are compatible with the client’s corporate mission who proposes the project. Indeed, taste, passion, and imagination must not be lacking if you want to do this job, but it is necessary to train and know. We must start with the ABCs programs for an advertising graphic designer. We are talking about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

The Potential Of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a program aimed at expert graphic designers, professional photographers, or simple enthusiasts of the digital world. A professional program allows you to blend and retouch high-resolution images, prepare a graphic design for a website, design the user interface, become a User Experience expert, and much more. We can say that with this program, our graphic projects will have no more secrets.

But Photoshop also allows us to create real pictures or digital paintings; with brushes and their infinite shades and calibrations, you get professional results that give the impression of having painted an accurate picture. The giant program from Adobe is then constantly evolving. Each version, better known as the release, offers different shortcuts and features each time to achieve its result.

Main Features Of Adobe Photoshop

One of this prodigious program’s main features is its layered structure. When I explain to those who approach this tool for the first time, I would first recommend thinking as if we had many transparent sheets on top of each other, each representing a different level of an image.

Once you understand the first fundamental concept of Photoshop, you can think ahead and greatly appreciate the layered organization precisely because it allows you to separate the elements of a single project and avoid getting lost or, worse, confusing.

The second tool is selected. The latter declined in a round, elliptical selection and selection with the magic wand or the Lasso tool. The selection allows you to move any object or element within your project in Photoshop. Every project of significant graphic impact begins with a design in Photoshop, whether a web design, a poster, or banner advertising. Adobe’s most magical and fascinating program awaits you and will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Adobe Illustrator: What Can Be Done

Adobe Illustrator is the most used professional vector graphics program. It allows you to create logos, graphics for websites, web projects, and much more. The main feature of vector graphics is that this is made up of mathematical equations and is independent of the resolution. Any element can be enlarged to infinity without ever suffering the loss of quality and definition.

The Features Of Adobe Illustrator

One of the essential features of vector graphics is that the files are much less significant and can be sent smoothly than raster graphics. A logo created in Illustrator can be used indifferently for a website and a large poster destined for printing. Adobe Illustrator communicates very well with its “cousins” of the great Adobe family. It is a very intuitive program, like all those with an Adobe interface, but at the same time, it is also a very complex program. It all depends, of course, on what you want to achieve. The projects of brand identity, from the creation of the logo and the custom font, identify what is the value of a company and consequently have a considerable value in the overview of the activities of an advertising designer. All that remains is to study and try not to get tired, to be hungry for novelty and creativity.

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