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How To Clean A Slow PC With The Best Tools

To weigh down the PC making it slower and slower, generally, that software is loaded each time the system is started and remains constantly running. To clean up your slow PC and make it snappy again, one of the first things to do is to check how many and which applications are loaded. Among the most effective tools to clean a slow PC is undoubtedly PC Decrapifier, which recently arrived at version 3.0. It is a utility that allows you to lighten your system by uninstalling useless programs.

Remove Useless Programs With PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier 3.0 is today the most updated software version that allows you to remove useless programs from your system. PC Decrapifier is an old acquaintance ( PC Decrapifier eliminates futile software from the system ) that today enriches its abilities to detect unnecessary applications, improves removal routines and presents itself with a renewed user interface.

The prerogative of PC Decrapifier consists in the use of a series of automatic detection mechanisms capable of recognizing the vast majority of excessive software that is preloaded at the time of purchase of a personal computer and of the optional components that are sometimes implanted on the system while installing programs taken from the Internet.

Unlike before, PC Decrapifier no longer requires the installation and can be started immediately by double-clicking on its executable file. Just click on the Analyze button to examine the system programs and determine which can be safely removed. PC Decrapifier can also eliminate by itself those annoying links found on the desktop when you buy your computer and which point to eBay or other online services.

The main tab, Recommended, displays users’ list of frequently removed applications. The penultimate column indicates the percentage of users who remove the corresponding application from the system. Not all applications listed by PC Decrapifier are necessarily useless. In the case of the most famous programs, it is reasonable to examine what you are about to eliminate carefully.

In the Type column, PC Decrapifier indicates whether the program is an application or an element automatically loaded each time Windows is started ( Startup ). In the Questionable tab, PC Decrapifier lists programs that can’t necessarily be considered extra. In contrast, in the last check ( Everything else ), all the installed software is recorded, regardless of their nature and respective purposes.

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Pages That Open By Themselves And Strange Advertisements That Appear While Browsing

If, while browsing the web, advertising pages open by themselves and messages appear that have nothing to do with the site you are visiting, it is highly probable that adware components have been installed on the system, even spyware. The combination AdwCleaner + Malwarebytes Anti Malware is undoubtedly the best way to eliminate the components that slow down the system.

AdwCleaner is a free application, continuously updated, whose primary objective is to recognize the presence of excessive or, worse, harmful components, which, in any case, contribute to making the PC slow by analyzing, often, also the behavior of the user, keeping track of his preferences and interests, interacting negatively with web browsing. Most components of this type arrive on the system through the installation procedures of many freeware or shareware software. The most hurried user is misled because he ignores the buttons clicked, and the components are given the green light on the system.

For this reason, so-called PUPs ( Potentially unwanted software ) are increasingly being distributed together with free software that is legitimate in itself. In the article Slow computer after viruses and malware, how to find out and fix it, we explained how AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes Anti Malware allow you to remove all the components that negatively affect web browsing in one fell swoop.

As in the case of Malwarebytes Anti Malware, it is crucial to always keep the database of viral signatures updated; when you are about to use AdwCleaner, it is essential to always download the latest version from the official site. To make sure, you can refer to the information sheet published in the download area of ​​IlSoftware.it. To remove unnecessary programs that slow down the PC, after a scan with AdwCleaner, it is recommended to run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

In this way, you can eliminate any unnecessary components (PUPs) not detected by AdwCleaner. Finally, as suggested in the article Slow computer after viruses and malware, how to find out and how to solve it, we recommend a final “pass” with HitmanPro, an application capable of providing a “third opinion” about the presence of potentially unwanted components on the system in use.

In the article Preventing the installation of unwanted toolbars and programs, we have instead presented a whole series of tips to prevent unwanted or, worse, harmful components from settling on the system. If starting one or more of the indicated software is impossible, one of the best suggestions is downloading and running the Rkill utility. This takes care of immediately stopping all running processes that are not related to the functioning of the operating system ( Block malware and restore the system with RKill ).

Google Releases A Tool To Remove Components That Slow Down Chrome

For some time now, if the Google Chrome browser detects the presence of add-ons that slow down its operation or, in any case, recognizes suspicious elements, it has been suggested to download and start the Software Removal Tool. It is a handy utility which, once executed, allows you to remove any harmful components from Chrome or, in any case, elements that interfere with the correct functioning of the browser.

Downloadable from this page, Software Removal Tool is an official application developed by Google engineers. A possible alternative solution, regardless of the web browser used, is to reset its settings. Even if the components related to the functioning of the PUP were always present in the system, abnormal functioning would soon be found again.

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