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How To Collect Reviews On Amazon?

It’s no surprise to anyone, reviews are the sinews of war for making sales on Amazon. However, when you are a new seller and your brand is unknown to the battalion, it is not easy to collect first opinions on your products. Do not panic! In this article, we just tell you how to get your reviews.

For several years, reviews have been Amazon’s central pillar in the ranking that the platform will assign to your products in its results pages. However, and although reviews remain paramount, Amazon has shifted their importance over the years due to many practices aimed at artificially collecting reviews. So much so that the Seattle firm felt that its reputation and the confidence displayed in its customers were affected.

It is with this in mind that Amazon significantly changed its policy to monitor how product reviews were generated. This includes the ways in which sellers reach out to their buyers to solicit feedback on the product (s) purchased. Obviously, this can be compared to a balancing act for Amazon, which must give pride of place between fraudulent review strategies, and other legitimate ones that respect customer data protection policies.

We will keep repeating it, trust is the foundation on which Amazon’s entire strategy is built. This obviously involves the opinions posted by customers.

In this article, we will review all the elements you need to know and act on to set up an effective strategy that will allow you to collect reviews for your products sold on Amazon. The idea is to increase their organic visibility, trust with your buyers, as well as your sales.

What You Need To Know About Product Reviews

We will start by pushing an open door, but reviews can improve the credibility of your product sold on Amazon. When your product has received several positive reviews, the potential buyer will feel reassured and will consider that the offer corresponds to their expectations. It will also increase the conversion of your listing and your Amazon Ads ads.

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What Is The Minimum Number Of Reviews To Obtain For Your Products To Perform?

The answer to this question is not fixed. It will depend on how competitive your product category is. If your direct competitors have little opinion, then it will only take a few to make a difference. The more competitive your niche, the more product reviews you will need to gain an advantage over other sellers selling the same products.

However, it’s worth noting that Amazon officially recommends a minimum of 25 reviews for a listing before embarking on sponsored campaigns through Amazon Ads. Obviously, you can start your campaigns with a lot fewer reviews, but the more your listings have collected positive reviews, the more they will convert. Thus, the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns will be improved.

You will understand that collecting product reviews is an essential issue for your sales strategy on Amazon. These reviews will allow your listing to convert better, but also generate more organic and paid traffic from Amazon listing pages. In fact, don’t forget that the rating is displayed all over the results pages and that users can filter their list of products by average ratings.

Seller vs Product

A confusion often made by new sellers is the difference between seller and product ratings:

  • The seller’s evaluation corresponds to the proven purchasing experience in relation to the service (delivery time, the condition of the product’s packaging, answers provided by the seller, etc.)
  • The evaluation of the product corresponds to the intrinsic quality of the product and whether it corresponds to your expectations.

Seller Rating

Sellers on Amazon are rated by their buyers on criteria such as delivery times, condition of product packaging, whether the product received matches that sold on Amazon and other related factors. to customer service.

If you are a seller, the summary of your reviews can be found in your Seller Central dashboard. Otherwise, whether you are a seller or a buyer, this evaluation is visible on the page dedicated to the seller or on the product page, by clicking below the purchase box, on the window indicating the number of new products or second hand for sale (as well as the number of dealers selling this product).

Product Reviews

Product reviews are 100% dedicated to evaluating the product you purchased on Amazon. Its quality as well as its characteristics are evaluated in relation to what is displayed on its product sheet.

The product review includes a rating from 1 to 5 stars and a text description summarizing the experience known to the buyer. Reviews appear on product listings once they have been validated by Amazon.

Who Can Leave A Product Review?

To file a notice, your situation must respect the Community Instructions. Summarizing:

You must have purchased the product. At this time, you can go directly to the product sheet to post a review or do so via an email that you will receive. In this case, the words “Verified Purchase” will be visible next to the notice you have submitted.

You can rate a product that you have not purchased. It might sound crazy, but if you’ve made purchases on Amazon for at least $ 50 in the past 12 months, you’ll have the option to review any product (even a different one than the one you bought). To do this, simply go to the product sheet and leave a review. However, you will be limited to filing a single review on a single product. In this case, there won’t be a “Verified Purchase” statement displayed next to your review, which makes sense as Amazon doesn’t have proof that you actually purchased the rated product.

Although the average of the ratings received and their number are visible next to the title of your product, you must go to the bottom of the product page to see the details of all the reviews posted.

Note that asking friends, family or colleagues to post reviews goes against Amazon policy. Indeed, if Amazon detects this practice, you incur a suspension of your account.

Finally, Amazon also leaves the possibility of assigning a product a rating of 1 to 5 stars, without writing a description. In this case, the detail of the review will not be visible at the bottom of the page (because no description) but the rating will be taken into account in the overall average and a total number of reviews.

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Alternative Solutions

Apart from the tools offered by Amazon, there are external tools such as Jungle Scout, Helium 10 or Seller Labs which will allow you to create personalized emails and automate their sending after each order placed. However, Amazon is very picky about the content of emails. Therefore, be careful not to violate its policy by not attempting to exploit customer data. This data is the property of Amazon. If Amazon is unhappy with the content of emails sent through these tools, your account may be suspended. Therefore, we advise you to opt for the official tools provided directly by Amazon.

The last solution that can be supplemented with Amazon tools is the inclusion of a personalized message on paper in all your packages. This little personal touch usually has a positive effect on customers who will perceive that behind the product received there is a real company. It’s up to you to do a nice Storytelling in this message, telling the story of your company, how your products are made and why reviews are important to continue to persist on Amazon.