How To Do Marketing If You Deal With B2B

We regularly meet in online marketing consultations with companies that have a business based on providing services or selling products to other companies and not to end customers. This is referred to as “B2B” ( business to business ), where business relationships are between two or more businesses for their needs (if neither is a final consumer). This type of company often does not know how to use the potential of online marketing to promote their services or brand.

How To Choose The Right Strategy

It is necessary to start with the basic analytical steps:

  1. Define your goals and customize your site so that they’re easy to reach.
  2. Based on the available data and information, define your target group (what types of companies are your typical customers, who decide in these companies…) and adapt the content of your website and the way of communication (professional language, technical data, visual style tomu).
  3. Write down all the contact points where another company may come across you (internet, leaflets, professional press, radio, TV, email communication, exhibitions, sales representative…) and create scenarios of how your potential customer will move towards the goal.
  4. Define what you can do in online marketing within your company and what you can no longer cover (professionally and in terms of capacity), and contact professionals (freelancer or agency).
  5. Analyze the competition: what they are better at, what their strengths are, how and where they communicate and get inspired.
  6. Define your competitive advantages (what makes you unique), and communicate that first.

Which Online Channels Can You Use?

It is ideal for a company if it is easily searchable in online marketing if it can publish professional articles and thus profile itself as a leader in a given segment. The brand should be reasonably promoted in the content network through acquisitions as well as remarketing. The company should also communicate with its clients via emails, educate and inform about news and trends, and be reminded on social networks. A B2B company must communicate in a way that also helps its sales representatives. With quality marketing, you increase the value of your brand and you don’t have to compete only with price.

SEO And Content Marketing

Content is still king, and with B2B it is doubly true. Not content for content, but information that is useful and educational. Comprehensively solved SEO will ensure your traceability, good positions with important KW (keywords). This will increase your search engine traffic. 70% of users click on organic (unpaid) results in Google. If you’re using a top or small business website builder, you know they cater this SEO-friendly feature to support your climb up the search results. Thanks to quality SEO, you will create long-term and valuable content. Content marketing can find different forms of communication on different platforms. For many brands, it may be interesting to distribute their expert content on a platform that promotes native content, such as Strossle.

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PPC Advertising In Google Ads

An advertising system that is very complex, but also very complex. Used for an effective and efficient campaign. It has a quick start after turning on campaigns and an immediate end after turning off. But for clients whose business is very prominent in Google search, who need to significantly and quickly promote their service, product, or brand, this is the ideal way. By setting up good targeting and intelligent remarketing, B2B clients can quickly deliver the expected results. For example, you can graduate with an invitation to the fair, where the company will exhibit, and thus attract its potential customers.

Social networks

Your customers will not go to your site daily, but they are probably on a social network daily. That’s why it’s good to remind your customers there with remarketing. You can precisely target with the help of a public audience and thus expand your audience by very similar ones that were on your website. Choose social networks that make sense for your business and promote information on them (eg LinkedIn expert, less Facebook expert,…).


Create conditions to motivate visitors to leave your email on the web or social networks. If you have a database of your corporate customers, it needs to be reasonably segmented (by region, by relationship to you: bought / not bought, by the sales representative, by industry, etc.). Create a communication strategy: frequency of delivery, topics for content, publication calendar, and based on that you can choose the ideal tool for delivery.

Gaining Leads

You can collect new leads in many ways. On social networks and on the web using forms and in exchange for valuable content. But there are also tools that can identify a business visitor to the site and report this lead with data about the company. It is, for example, the Leady.cz application.

Good Advice In Conclusion

The decision-making process of B2B customers is usually more complicated and longer. But the further it goes, the more it takes place in an online environment where expert and available information is crucial. If you don’t have them and can’t deliver to your potential customers, you’re missing them.

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