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How To Make Cheap Calls To European Countries?

It is important to keep in touch with close people who live in Europe. The emergence of the European Union paved the way for travel, work, and living in European countries. Many people previously did not have the opportunity to constantly keep in touch with loved ones abroad for a number of reasons. Traditional telecom operators have reduced the cost of calls abroad but their prices are far from low. Modern gadgets, the Internet, VoIP telephony, Wi-Fi, 4G, and other types of communication technologies allow you to keep in touch with your friends anywhere in the world. The same situation is with the business, as the above-mentioned technologies make it easy to run a business and expand geographic boundaries for both potential profitable partners and clients.

Mobile operators are also trying to make international calls cheaper, they come up with all sorts of promotions, bonuses, discounts, etc., but there are still flaws in the offered call rates that subscribers dislike. Moreover, walking with two SIM cards or phones is inconvenient for some people. For example, there are certain call rates in which international calls are cheaper than regular ones but calls within the country are expensive and vice versa.

Ways of Dealing

How to make cheap calls to Europe? There may be a few solutions.

  • International calls to Europe can be provided within the popular instant messengers. It’s about WhatsApp and Telegram. When both interlocutors use the same messenger, they will be able to talk while being in different cities and countries (money is withdrawn from the account for the used Internet traffic).
  • As for the Viber and Skype messengers, they provide the ability to make calls from mobile to European countries and all around the world after the internal balance replenishment. There are two types of billing – per minute or by subscription. The second option is more profitable as it implies a lower cost of calls.
  • If you are wondering how to call abroad via the Internet on beneficial terms, modern IP telephony is used. It’s characterized by fast connection and cheap call rates.

It should be noted that the first 2 mentioned solutions are more suitable for personal use, while the third one is advantageous both for individuals and businesses. The use of messengers is clear for most people and doesn’t present challenges, so we won’t pay close attention to it. It’s more useful to get acquainted with IP telephony, which is not really well-known for many people.

IP telephony: Familiarity

You need only a PC, tablet, or any other gadget and Internet access to become an IP telephony subscriber. The customer does not need to conclude a contract, receive a SIM card, and buy additional equipment. It does not use traditional telephone lines, providing voice data transmission over existing Internet channels. Due to this, communication via IP telephony is several times cheaper than cellular communication and city telephony.

An automatic telephone exchange is the basis of local telephony and when it comes to IP telephony, the same tasks belong to the IP telephony provider. It provides the subscribers switching and directs calls in the right direction. You can call a mobile phone, a landline phone, as well as another IP telephony subscriber in the same or another network (a subscriber of another operator) with the help of a specified service.

IP telephony does not require expensive and maintenance-intensive telephone lines. Instead, ubiquitous Internet channels are used. Tens of thousands of calls can be transmitted over one channel in any direction due to the compression of digital voice data. Billing is carried out according to the current call rate scale and the plan chosen by the subscriber. You need to register (sign up) an account and top up your account balance to start making calls. The client can purchase virtual numbers for making calls, sending SMS and receiving faxes, and mix these services.

The Most Popular Countries

All the reliable providers (as Freezvon Company, Mitel, RingCentral, etc.) offer various countries for virtual calls connection but some of them are in favor.

  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania, etc.

Most providers propose convenient applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. It does not require complex settings and has a simple interface. A virtual phone number is not tied to a location. You can use it to make or receive calls on any phone so it’s perfect for office workers or those who work from home. The solution offers a high-quality connection as the operator uses premium routes for flawlessly fast connection achieving. The business gets real benefits because people can use your virtual phone system from anywhere in the world, moreover, they don’t pay for the call that increases the level of interest in the company. The IVR system greets callers and offers a simple menu to ensure that callers don’t waste time explaining their problem to the wrong person.