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How To Master Essential Tips & Tricks Of Google Chrome

Among all the applications that we use on our mobile phones on a daily basis, browsers are the ones that we use the most repeatedly to consult queries on search engines or visit websites. Among all the Google Chrome is one of the most widely used, largely because it is already installed on Android phones but not everyone manages to master the browser as we are going to do after knowing the tricks that we will show you.

The hidden possibilities of Google Chrome can make us be more content with this browser, which for many is not an option to choose, but after knowing the tricks that we will show you, it can be again at least in specific cases. The good thing is that most of these cheats are also exported to Google Chrome for iOS making anyone use and take advantage of them.

Best Tricks For Google Chrome On Mobile

To start taking advantage of the Google browser, we recommend that you start your session with your account before starting, something that we can do by simply entering the app and then tapping on the three points in the upper right to select settings later.

With this, what we will achieve is that if we make changes in the app, when we move to other mobile phones they will be maintained and we will not have to repeat them, in addition, the history or the bookmarks will always be with us thanks to the Google cloud.

1. Close or Open Tabs Faster

In the daily use that we give to the browser it may seem to us the need to continuously open a new tab in Chrome or close them, this is something that needs two steps or the least it was so far.

With the extended press, we will only have to keep our finger on the number of tabs and the option will be opened to close this tab or open new normal ones or even privately. A method that will speed up the use we make of the application.

2. How To Save Web Pages To PDF or Offline

Although today data and connectivity are the order of the day, we may find ourselves having to save a web page to read it offline whenever and wherever we want. We can do this with a trick that is not really intended for what we will do but that can be very useful.

Just by clicking on the three points and then on sharing, we will see the option to print it, something that allows us to later save it as a PDF to have it on our mobile. If it is only a web page, we can also download the page although it will not be updated, we will do this in the three points and then touching the download option that appears next to the favourites button.

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3. Remove Space From Google Chrome

One of the best-known problems of Google Chrome is its demands on the system to camp RAM memory but also we find the large size of the cache it is storing. The option to save small images and temporary files that it never deletes and this can cause that if we have a mobile for a long time, much of the space occupied is from Chrome.

To limit this in Android we only have to enter Settings> Applications> choose Google Chrome and then enter storage. We will see the option to clear the cache in Chrome and all storage in a few seconds. However, on the iPhone, we do not have this option and we will have to uninstall the application completely so that it removes the cache memory.

4. Turn On Dark Mode In Google Chrome

The browser in dark mode can earn many points in favour since it is not an element that differs much visually but it can even help me save battery power by turning off the least necessary pixels.

We can do this just by entering Google Chrome settings> Themes> Dark. From this moment, even if we change the theme of our mobile, the app will always remain in dark mode.

5. Search, Copy And Translate With One Finger

With the selection of our own finger, Google Chrome allows us to carry out various functions that save us from having to resort to more complex methods. Just by keeping your finger on a word or phrase we will be able to copy it, for example, to take it to a document, a trick of the Google browser that does not stop here.

We can also perform a search in the browser to sip a term, without having to do intermediate steps or we can even translate it if we are reading a document in another language. A complement to the trick that we already show you how to translate web pages on mobile and computer quickly without complications.

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