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ICloud Plus – That’s What You Can Expect From The Upgrade

ICloud is something like Apple’s in-house Dropbox. Every iPhone user automatically has an iCloud account. This free account can be used to store data of up to 5 GB, among other things. Anything beyond that costs extra. The storage space can be increased between 50 GB and 2 TB as required. For all users with such a paid subscription, there will be an upgrade next autumn: Under the name “iCloud Plus,” users will receive three additional features to provide more security.

In the future, paying customers will enjoy better protection in terms of privacy and data transfer. Upgrading from iCloud to iCloud Plus costs nothing and happens automatically. Do you have an iCloud account with 50 GB or more? Then you will soon be able to enjoy the new security functions.

With “Private Relay,” ICloud Plus Users Get A VPN Service

Using VPN services has proven to be a real boom over the past few years. With them, it is possible to surf the Internet without your identity and browser history being read out and thus specific profiles being created for you. VPN access gives you more privacy and data protection while surfing. This is exactly what Apple wants for its users and is introducing Private Relay, the first of three new functions that will be available on iCloud Plus in the future. Private Relay can be described as something like Apple’s own VPN.

The feature is integrated into the Safari browser and promises iOS users to make surfing even safer and more private. Your data traffic goes out encrypted and cannot be read by anyone (not even Apple). This is made possible by two separate Internet relays, one of which assigns you an anonymous IP address, the other decrypts the web address and sends you there. The difference to a classic VPN is that there are two relays, and you cannot freely determine your location. Incidentally, the use of this iCloud Plus feature should not affect the performance.

ICloud Plus Stops Newsletter Spam With Hide My Mail

The second function that iCloud Plus provides is called “Hide My Mail” (i.e., “Hide my email”) and, in principle, promises precisely that Hide your email address and use a one-time address instead. The other lesson is specially generated by Apple and can be used continuously for exactly such purposes as online forms. In this way, your private email address remains confidential, and you do not have to worry about being spammed with promotional emails or newsletters in the future.

The feature is integrated directly into the Mail app, Safari and iCloud Plus. That makes using this secondary address super easy. In addition, any number of random addresses can be created. According to Apple, these can be deleted at any time. If you wonder how you can get messages to your actual email address via the one-time address, you do not have to reckon with any extra effort. Mails to your newly created address will automatically be forwarded to your conventional address. The bottom line is that the feature provides you with a simple way of not revealing your correct email address when filling out online forms, for example.

“HomeKit Secure Video” Makes Your Home Safer In The Future

Are you monitoring your home with cameras? Usually, only the entrance door is secured with a camera, but more and more tenants and homeowners are installing a surveillance system on their own four walls. Or do you have a business that you have equipped with video cameras? Depending on the residential area, there are always break-ins and thefts. Video cameras can be an effective deterrent and can later identify the perpetrator or perpetrators in the event of a break-in. If you work with surveillance cameras, the third iCloud Plus feature presented here may be just the thing for you.

With HomeKit Secure Video, iCloud Plus will, in the future, offer an extra function with which you can coordinate and control the video cameras you use. The feature provides three different models: one camera, five cameras, or an unlimited number of cameras. Depending on the model or plan, your cameras can be reliably managed with this feature. The good thing about it is that using HomeKit Secure Video does not cost you any additional storage space or more money. The required storage space is offset against what is available to you. With the function, iCloud Plus offers a great tool to protect your data and your home.

What Other Features Are There Besides The ICloud Plus Features?

With Private Relay, Hide My Mail, and HomeKit Secure Video, Apple is focusing on security. In line with this line of thought, the company is also introducing several additional features that are not exclusive to iCloud Plus. In the future, iOS users will be able to view a privacy report. This states when and how often your user information was readout. This includes information about the location, contacts, camera, microphone, or photos. In the future, you will have an insight into what information apps are asking for you. You can also see which domains your information is sent to.

In addition, user inquiries to Siri will primarily be processed directly on the iPhone in the future. So far, Siri has done this via online research (on Apple servers). In the past, this meant that requests could be recorded and possibly saved by Apple. The local answer at least minimizes this risk – and it goes much faster. Siri can also work offline in this way. You no longer need an active internet connection to use the voice assistant. So Apple is making an effort to address the many concerns of privacy advocates and concerned users.