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If Dropbox Won’t Sync – Here Is What You Should Do?

Want to upload or download data from Dropbox, but it doesn’t work? You can find help here!

A cloud system like Dropbox is very convenient. The storage space on your own computer can be saved, and the data is available from anywhere because it can happen from time to time that Dropbox no longer synchronizes properly. Either your data will then not be uploaded, or you will not download the uploaded data back to your computer. We have put together a few tips for you on this problem.

Check all connections

This tip may seem a bit bland at first, but it has often solved the problem. For example, you may not currently have a stable internet connection. You are connected to the Internet, but it is very slow or sometimes has dropouts. If so, Dropbox won’t be able to save files to the cloud. In such a case, it can help just to wait a few minutes. The connection may then stabilize so that you can access your Dropbox folder again.

Fix problems with the Dropbox app

Dropbox itself can also cause synchronization problems. First of all, you should check that Dropbox is even installed on your computer. If this is not the case, the files in the corresponding folder cannot be synchronized with the cloud. Then you should see if an update is necessary. To do this, start the Dropbox software. If an update is available, it will be downloaded automatically.

This may take a moment. As soon as the software is up to date, make sure you are logged in there and online. If Dropbox still doesn’t sync, you should restart the software first, then restart your PC. If this still doesn’t help, reinstalling the Dropbox app can help.

Check the name and share of the file to be synchronized

The name of a file is very important if it is to be uploaded to Dropbox. If you want to synchronize a file but it has been renamed or even moved or deleted in the meantime, you can no longer upload or download from the cloud. It looks the same if the file is being used by someone else at the same time. In this case, Dropbox will consider the file locked so it cannot be used. You must also have shared the file for synchronization. The easiest way to do this is to move the relevant file to the Dropbox folder simply. The file is then usually uploaded directly to the cloud, so the synchronization should occur without any further measures. Before uploading, make sure.

A file itself can cause problems when synchronizing. There are certain requirements as to how a file can be named for upload to the Dropbox cloud. For example, no special characters are allowed in the file name. In addition, no more than 260 characters should be used for the name of the folder or file path. You can find more information about Dropbox Compliant naming here.

Other things you can do to troubleshoot Dropbox

Other things can cause problems with Dropbox. Make sure the date and time are set correctly on your computer. If these are misaligned, there could be problems syncing with Dropbox. Another tip sounds simple but can be very helpful: Make sure you have enough memory on your PC available for downloading files.

If you want to synchronize a folder of several gigabytes from the cloud with your computer, these several gigabytes should still be available in free storage space. In addition, synchronization problems can arise if a file that has been shared with you is suddenly no longer shared. If so, speak to the person who shared the file.

Selective synchronization can cause further problems. If you have switched it on but have not specified a folder, no files can be uploaded to the cloud. You can find more information about the selective synchronization of Dropbox here.

Under “Shared,” you will find all files in your Dropbox cloud that someone has shared with you.

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