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Instagram Hashtag Hacks You Want To Know Before Creating Brand Awareness

It looks like hashtags are a mystery! Hashtags are the most obscure way to grow Instagram! Some people use them boldly. Others don’t add any. Possible, but Engage on Instagram without hashtags It’s still a powerful tool for social media listening, campaign management, and brand awareness.

In this article, I’m going to show you some real hacks for Instagram hashtags. Now let’s jump in!

Why Is It Important To Use Hashtags On Instagram?

Using hashtags is a great way to be found on Instagram. They act as labels for posts and help Instagram users find their favourite topics in the app, especially if around 95 million photos are uploaded each day.

Additionally, hashtags help Instagrammer run contests and increase brand awareness. Warby Parker, for example, makes good use of the brand’s hashtags. They featured the new #warbybarker hashtag and asked their followers to submit pictures of dogs wearing Warby Parker glasses.


There are now over 4,500 posts with #warbybarker in the caption. Also, they have created a new page exclusively for these Warby Barkers!

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

Instagram is full of hashtags. #love, #instagood and #fashion are some of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Analysis of data from over 81 million Instagram posts and 1.6 million Instagram users by Mention The average Instagram post contains 10-11 hashtags.

If so, should I use the 30 hashtags available? Or should I stick to 10 hashtags?

No one knows exactly the truth! Research from Hubspot shows that posts with just 5 hashtags have the most engagement.

An average number of engagements compared to the number of hashtags.

No matter how many hashtags you use, the important thing is to determine which ones are the most effective and invest more. These hashtags are very relevant to your content.

Here are some of the most engaging hashtags on Instagram. You can start using them and see how they play out.

The most attractive hashtags on Instagram

Now let’s take a look at the Instagram hashtag hack that works for Instagram.

Best Instagram Hashtag Hacks Of 2020

Instagram Hashtag Hacks # 1: Get Posts From Top Posts

Did you know a strong hashtag strategy? Can you find your way through popular Instagram posts? When you search for a word on the Instagram search engine, you will see different categories such as accounts, places, and tags. The accounts and posts that appear first in the list are probably the most interesting for this keyword.

If you optimize your posts for specific hashtags and people start engaging early, there’s a good chance your posts will become popular Instagram posts.

It is not an easy task to be one of the best posts on Instagram, as it mainly depends on the hashtag you used. As mentioned above, it’s a bit difficult to understand what factors help to reward those Instagram posts with hashtags that mysteriously work on Instagram.

This is the result of a #book of popular Instagram posts.

Number of likes and comments on popular posts

As you can see, these 9 posts each have very different engagement rates (look at the likes and comments). The same goes for subscribers. For this competing hashtag, some posts got around 100 likes, and one post got 17.7K likes!

So it’s not clear what it is. Instagram algorithm Behind the top post with a hashtag. But luckily I know of a great way to get your way through this popular post!

Watch this video first.

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AiSchedul: A Powerful Instagram Planner

As you can see in the video, AiSchedul is an advanced Instagram planner that helps you become the best Instagram post by constantly updating your posts for a while.

All you need to do is upload the post to AiSchedul, write a prominent caption, add a target hashtag, schedule a posting time, and then delete the post for a month.

This method works because it brings you new content every day. We also know that Instagram posts only engage for around 24 hours.

Join AiSchedul for free to try this hack and participate in popular posts.

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 2: Hide Hashtags

Don’t like your post filled with hashtags? Fortunately, there is a way to hide hashtags in captions and stories. Here’s how:

1. Add The Hashtag As The First Comment

Some Instagram authors say adding hashtags to comments is not as effective as hashtags as captions. The truth is, no one can be 100% sure. I’ve seen posts without hashtags in their captions spread by word of mouth.

For example, here is my main post on #book with all the hashtags as comments.

2. Use Line Breaks In Captions

Another way to (almost) hide hashtags on Instagram is to add line breaks! When you’re done writing the caption, press Return on your keyboard, then add a period to the new line. Continue this a few times and finally put a hashtag at the end of the section.

3. Use Hashtags In The Caption

well. It doesn’t exactly hide hashtags, but it’s a great way to make your posts less spam. It’s simple, and you’ve probably seen Instagram use this method all the time.

Hashtag via legend

4. Hide Hashtags In Instagram Story

If you want to add hashtags to your Instagram story, you can change the colour or make it very small and it will be almost invisible.

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 3: Check Which Hashtags Are Right For You

You can have 30 hashtags for each post, but it’s not a good idea to randomly use multiple hashtags for each post. First of all, by repeatedly using hashtags, Instagram can treat it as an act of spamming and hide the content (again, there is no official statement indicating this, only user experience).

Instead, you should focus only on the hashtags that are effective for you. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t show which hashtags are performing well. It tells you the reach of each hashtag.

For example, this post gets almost 70% of its reach through hashtags. However, it’s not clear which hashtags worked the best.

One way to find out which hashtags are performing well is to upload the next post with just one hashtag at a time, but it may take a month!

Fortunately, there is a quick way to see exactly how far each hashtag has reached.

Start by promoting one of your posts.

Then set a budget corresponding to the desired amount.

Finally, go to Insights to see exactly which hashtags are reaching the most.

Focus on the best option and get rid of the other options.

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Instagram Hashtag Hack # 4: Find And Add Multiple Hashtags To Save Time

Got 2 or 3 main topics or keywords that you want to find the best hashtags for? Instead of searching for all of these hashtags one by one in one app that can take time, you can search for multiple hashtags and add them to your post! How? ‘Or’ What? read This post I explained exactly how.

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 5: Organize Hashtags Into Groups

One of the best ways to organize hashtags and save time is to categorize them according to the type of post you want to use. You can save it in your document and copy it whenever you want to use hashtags. After signing up to AiSchedul and adding an account, go to “Publish and Schedule”.

Select “Listen and Repost” from the sub-tab, then click “Monitor hashtag”.

Add as many hashtags as you want. You can also view and follow all the top posts with this hashtag.

Then go to “Scheduler” and upload your message. The following tabs are displayed.

Scroll down a bit and click on “Add my hashtags” and you will see a box showing all the selected hashtags.

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 6: Stealing Hashtags From Competitors

It’s always good to learn from the best people. Check out posts from successful competitors, find out what hashtag combinations they’ve used, and adjust your offers based on your own posts.

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 7: Follow Hashtags

Did you know you can follow hashtags like your account? Instagram has been adding this feature for a while, and you can see posts with specific hashtags in your feed. The advantage of following hashtags is that Instagram only shows you the best posts, so your feed isn’t full of fictitious posts.

To follow a hashtag, go to the navigation page and enter the hashtag in the search bar to see the top posts.

Follow hashtags on Instagram

Then hit “Follow” and you’re done!

Instagram Hashtag Hack # 8: Add Hashtags To Your Bio

Adding hashtags to your bio increases the chances of being seen by people who search for you. It’s like using hashtags to optimize your bio. This profile, for example, uses hashtags in their bio.

Here is an overview of one of those articles.

As you can see, 21 people found this post using their profile.

Last Word For The Instagram Hashtag Hack

As you read more, hashtags are always a powerful feature of Instagram that makes it much easier for your page to grow. Use sophisticated hashtags to support your posts with more subscribers.