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IPhone Warns You If You Forget Your AirPods Pro

Where’s the new feature that ensures that you don’t lose your headphones. If you are afraid to leave your AirPods Pro in the office or on a restaurant table, the new function “Warn me when I run “in the app Where on iPhone is right for you. This feature helps to overcome our distractions and allows us to retrieve the headphones before forgetting them. And activating it is simple: we explain how to do it in this article.

Don’t Forget The AirPods Pro, Thanks To The “Notify Me When I’m Leaving” App

The most recent firmware of the Apple AirPods Pro brings a few updates that can be agreeable for everybody. It isn’t strange to fail to remember the headphones in the café or the workplace. In any case, with the usefulness presented in the Where Is application, this shouldn’t occur once more. The new component is essential for the Where is a framework, which permits you to find your Apple gadgets. By enacting “Inform me when I am away,” you will get a notice when your iPhone is excessively far away from the earphones.

Like this, you will not see that you have left your headphones in your office work area just when you need to pay attention to a book recording before nodding off in the evening. The “Inform me when I’m away” work had its introduction for AirTags, to caution you before you fail to remember your home keys or rucksack to which you have applied the new Apple gadget. Be that as it may, the most recent firmware likewise presented this apparatus for the AirPods Pro. Before disclosing how to actuate the capacity, we should perceive how to refresh your earphones.

How To Update AirPods Pro Firmware

The new feature only works for AirPods Pro and no other Apple earphone models (at least for now). To use this feature, you must have firmware 4A400 or later. To find out if you have it, just:

  • Connect your headphones to any Apple device via Bluetooth (iPhone, MacBook, etc.)
  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Choose About and then AirPods, then look at the number next to Firmware Version

If you don’t have the update yet, ensure the earphones are for the situation and the case associated with the charging link. Your associated Apple gadget will consequently send the update to the earphones.

How To Use “Notify Me When I’m Away” In The Find My app For AirPods

Now that you have the correct firmware, to activate the “Notify me when I’m away” feature for your AirPods, you need to:

  • Launch the app Where on your iPhone
  • Select Objects or Devices
  • Choose your AirPods Pro
  • Under Notifications, select Notify me when I am away and activate the function

You will now receive a notification when you are too far from your headphones. To find them quickly, click on the information to open the Find My app.

To avoid being notified even when you leave it in a safe place, for example, at your home, you must:

  • Launch the app Where to iPhone
  • Select Objects and Devices, then your AirPods Pro.
  • Click on Notify me when I leave.

Here you can choose the exceptions. However, your home address is entered automatically (you can remove it with the red Delete icon). You can add another location by clicking on New Location and entering an address.

By taking advantage of this feature, as long as you have your iPhone with you, you should never forget your AirPods. There is no similar feature for the Apple Watch, although Apple appears to be working on it. But with this new Where’s feature, once you have your smartphone in your pocket or bag, you should be sure you always have your headphones with you.

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