IPhone X Review: The Revolution Underway?

The iPhone X is available for sale. With a new design and high performance, what is Apple’s new jewel worth? Our test. Less than two months after the release of the iPhone 8 Plus, which seduced us with its technical prowess but frustrated by its design, Apple is marketing the iPhone X, the anniversary smartphone supposed to breathe new life into the American firm. With its new look and high performance, the latter clearly succeeds in its bet.

A Highly Anticipated Borderless Screen

After having recycled the design of the iPhone 6s for three years, Apple is pleased to us with a model devoid of edges. The case offers more compact dimensions than the iPhone 8 Plus, providing better handling while saving three millimetres on the screen (5.8 inches).

The latter regales our retina with OLED technology: the lights, contrasts and details of photos and videos are much more advanced, becoming one of the best screens on the market. Like the 8 Plus and the iPad Pro, the screen has the true-tone function, allowing better white balance.

However, you will have to wait for a little before being able to make the most of it, as many applications (Instagram, Facebook) are not yet adapted to its large size.

Regarding the finishes, the iPhone X seduces with its chrome edges and its glass back, necessary for wireless charging (Suitable for all induction chargers). If according to Apple, it is the “most resistant glass in the world”, according to the tests of the high-tech site CNET, the iPhone X would crack at the slightest impact. We, therefore, recommend that you protect it carefully with a shell.

Colour side, Apple remains sober with two colours including the famous space gray and a silver version.

Face ID, The Improved Security Of iPhone X

Now deprived of a Home button, marking the end of digital recognition, the iPhone X has a new security system: Face ID. The idea is daring and allows the phone to be unlocked through facial recognition.

The setup is relatively quick. Turn your face from side to side and top to bottom and voila. During our test, Face ID always identified us and proved to be quite effective. Note, however, that certain tests have shown that this technology could have a little trouble recognizing the same face with and without a beard.

Enhanced Portrait Photo And Animated Emojis

As often, Apple does not disappoint when it comes to photosensors. The iPhone X takes with it a dual 12MP sensor with an f / 2.4 aperture, allowing maximum light to be collected in dark places. Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the X has an editing mode and a 4K video mode. But the big news is the 7MP front sensor, which now has a portrait mode. You can now take a selfie and get quality artistic blur.

Facial recognition being the big novelty of the iPhone X, Apple has decided to insert a very funny feature: animojis. This new kind of emojis reproduce your facial expressions as well as lip movement and can be sent as a 10-second mini video. The rendering is quite funny and the results rather successful.

Autonomy Always Improved

Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X has an A11 Bionic chip. This gives the smartphone the power of 6 cores, allowing better responsiveness to the opening of applications and internet pages, but above all to support augmented reality in a fluid and constant manner. Autonomy level, the 8 Plus, lasts about ten hours when used in a sustained manner. On the X side, we can last for fifteen hours without worrying too much.

A Top-notch Phone

Apple has not taken so many risks for some time. The iPhone X clearly stands out from its predecessors and reveals itself as an innovative and technologically superior smartphone.

More manoeuvrable than the 8 Plus, more enduring, it is clearly a small revolution. The staggering price, however, tarnishes the many qualities of one of the best phones on the market.

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