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How To Judge If Your Partner Cheating On You

The look in the eye and absence are some of the clues you start looking for in a cheating partner. However, your perspective may never be enough if you don’t have concrete proof about the secret affair.

How do you go about getting the right information? Judging by the looks will never satisfy you until you find a way to go through their devices. We are talking about the phones here, and they always carry our private information.

Cheating has gone digital thanks to the emergence of smartphones and the constituting apps. That is why having a spying solution on the partner’s phone will help you make the judgment.

Part 1: Use Spyier To Judge Your Partner

Since you will never know the truth until you find out, you need to arrive at the facts faster. One of the ways you can pursue it is using Spyier on your partner’s phone. You may doubt the spying apps, but this one is exceptional.

First, it will never tell you that it’s available. That is the power of the stealth mode feature. It helps the app to stay in the background while fetching what you need. So, once you use Spyier, your partner will never notice.

Next, you can use it on both Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreaking. Since it’s an app with cutting-edge technologies, such tricks are never part of the requirement.


That means the setup process will be quick as it’s bound to take only five minutes of your time. Now, the question is, how do you go about the setup procedure? If your partner has an Android, then all you need is to install the application once.

In the process, you’ll have to activate the stealth mode to hide the application. For iOS, there is no installation required. Spyier will utilize the Apple ID to get the details remotely via your account.

After the acquisition, you will be free to check on the data anywhere. Spyier becomes web-based at that point, and you can access it if you have an internet connection. There are more than 30 features for you to pursue.

Part 2: Spyier Partner Judging Features

The Calls and Contacts

Using these features, you will get all the saved contacts and phone calls too. Under the call log, there will be missed, outgoing, and incoming calls. The data will also include contact details, timestamps, and call durations.


Is he/she sending texts in the middle of the night? Then it’s time to judge that via the Messages and the iMessages specifications. Spyier will show both sent and received ones. The information will also involve the contacts, timestamps, and any attached files.

If your partner has an iOS device, you will even retrieve the deleted iMessages.

spyier - Messages

Social Media Activities

We all use them since our smartphones are compatible with many. In Android, you will get all the platforms in use under the social apps category. In iOS, the social activities will be under the Applications option.

There will be the messages, contacts, timestamps, and the attached files in each of the apps used.

Photos and Videos

The above are features responsible for capturing the media files. The audio types will also be on the list. Spyier also gives you a chance to download the ones you think will be of use later.

Spyier - Photos and Videos

Keylogger Reports

Do you want to know everything about your partner types? Do you want to see the usernames and passwords? Then make fair use of the keylogger feature, and you will not be disappointed. It records all the keystrokes made on the device and then stores them in log files.

If you want to see the Gmail or FB password, just like the associated icon, see what was typed.

You can also get a glimpse of how they work via the demo page on the main website. Since the dashboard works with all browsers, you can use any internet-enabled device to view what is happening.

As you check on the phone activities online, Spyier will ensure that you are the only one viewing. It does that by syncing the information when you log in instead of storing it. That also makes sure that third-parties cannot access the information.

Part 3: How To Start Judging If Your Partner is Cheating Using Spyier

What You Need

In Android, Spyier works with OS version 4.0 and above. Get the phone for installation.

For iOS, it’s compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. Use the iCloud login details on the site.

Reliable internet connection

A valid email address

Steps to Kick Start

Step 1: Go to the Spyier website, choose between Android and iOS, and subscribe to one of the plans. Enter your email address in the popup that comes up and then finish up the payment. You will later see a confirmation page with your login details.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Start Monitoring’ button to get the setup wizard. In Android, use the sent link to install Spyier on your partner’s phone. Activate the stealth mode and then wind up the installation process.

Spyier - Start Monitoring

Step 3: For iOS, choose the icon in the setup wizard and proceed to input the partner’s iCloud credentials. After that, hit the ‘Start’ button to see the dashboard.

Spyier - start spy

Step 4: Once the syncing is complete, you will see the control panel with the phone’s summary. The features will be aligned on the left menu.

Spyier - sync

To start judging based on the activities, use the links in the menu.


Spyier possesses a lot of advantages when it comes to undetectable phone monitoring. That is why it’s the best option if you want to know whether your partner is cheating or not. Your partner will never detect anything, and their phone will be the same.

So, when it’s time to get more information than the looks and behavior, here is Spyier to help you out. You will use it and uninstall it remotely without raising any eyebrows.