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Learn How To Download Instagram Videos From Android

One of the social networks that in recent years has managed to position itself as one of the best without a doubt is Instagram, which has had important changes that have allowed it to continue having millions of users who on more than one occasion have needed to download Instagram videos.

Surely the millions of users who are part of it upload more photos than videos, but boy, the possibility of sharing clips of more than 60 seconds has made many interested in having some videos in the storage memory of their terminal.

The official application does not have the ability to save them, but there are always ways to be able to have these recordings on your smartphone so that you can see them when you need them without the need to enter the official one. So today learn how to download videos from Instagram in a simple way.

The Steps To Follow

The way to download a video from Instagram will surely seem an extremely complicated process, especially since the social network only offers us the possibility of leaving comments or likes on the 60-second clips that users upload, but at no time download them.

That is why external applications are required to carry out the process, which in most of these is similar and best of all, it is completely free and without advertising at the time of having them on your device.

So before publicizing which are the best applications to download videos from Instagram, you must obtain the URL code of the same, which will be the link that will finally serve you to have the material.

For this, you must enter the Instagram application and search for the user who has published the video you need, once in the video you will see three points at the top of the screen, press there to display two options.

The first of them is Report and the second is the one that interests us and is called Copy URL, so choose this and it will be the one that is copied to the clipboard of your Android mobile available to paste in the site that you need it, in this case in the applications to download videos from Instagram.

After that, you must access the application you have chosen, which will announce you below, and paste it in the place where it is required. It is there where the app will give you the option to press “Download” and will start downloading the clip from the Instagram post.

In order to see it, you must go to the multimedia gallery of your mobile, since it usually places it in a folder with the same name as the app, where you can access and change its location for convenience. So let’s get to know the apps that will help you achieve your goal.


One of the best applications that exist to download videos from Instagram without a doubt is the one called InstaSave, which is widely used for having an icon very similar to that of the social network, with the difference that it integrates a download sign. that tells users everything.

It is one of the simple ways to have these clips on the MicroSD card of your Android smartphone since the interface of the same is very simple to use, it is free and above all it is compatible from Android 3.0 or higher and it takes up very little space.

Video Downloader For Instagram

If the first has not seemed the best option, there are always other alternatives in the Google Play Store and one of them is Video Downloader for Instagram, which works in a very similar way to the previous one.

Among the main features that this option has is, for example, that of being able to download videos from Instagram, but also photographs in the same quality in which they were published by the original users.

In addition, if that were not enough, if you are very used to using other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook in which you can share publications from other users, this application will also allow you to carry out this operation but on Instagram.

In other words, if you like a photograph or video of someone else, you can use the Repost option, which many will not like but others will do, since it is only to place a watermark on the photograph.

Undoubtedly, these are very simple applications to use that will allow you to store the publications made by other users on your device and save them as a memory if you liked them.

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